NB: The following information has been extracted from the Guide to microform research collections in the National Library of Australia (1992) Canberra: National Library of Australia.

089 General Collections : Indonesian Language

063 / Indonesian imprints. Zug, Inter Documentation.

ANL mp 1405, 547 microfiche in 13 boxes.

Notes: Most fiche identified with SE-2002 on header and a no. in a JE or EJ sequence.

Contents: A collection of monographs and serials received as part of the Modern Indonesia project.

Access: Items arranged by JE no. Hardcopy listing: Indonesian imprints 1942-1945. Indonesian imprints during the Japanese occupation. Selected from the checklist by Dr. John Echols and filmed from the Cornell Library collection. Zug, IDC, 1986, 2pp. at RM mp 1405 lists titles in alphabetical sequence by author, or title if there is no author, and quotes the JE no. Also held is: Preliminary checklist of Indonesian imprints during the Japanese period (March 1942-August 1945) with annotations. John M. Echols, Ithaca, NY, Modern Indonesia Project, Southeast Asia Program, Dept of Asian Studies, Cornell University, 1963, (Bibliography series) 56 pp. at RM mp 1405 includes a subject index.

064 / Southeast Asian material: Indonesia. Filmed by the Library of Congress Office, New Delhi or Jakarta. Washington, DC, Photoduplication Service, Library of Congress.

Apr. 1978-
ANL mc 297, c. 44000 microfiche.

Notes: Title varies: Southeast Asian publications on microfiche: Indonesia. Fiche header carries title of work reproduced and a microfiche no., this no. in earlier issues being preceded by SEI. Seial items Apr. 1978-Dec. 1981 were distinguished from monographs by the inclusion of 's' following the year e.g. SEI 81 s00 02. From Jan. 1982 serials wer identified with '(o)' preceding the year digits to indicate an open entry e.g. (o)82/51 001. For serials and monographs each year new numbering sequences begin. But additional issues of serials are numbered to file with the first issue e.g. SEI 81 s00 37 Laporan tahunan pelabuhan semarang 1982-83 and 1983-84 are identified in the same way; and SEI 78 s12 01 Indonesian commercial newsletter (P>T. Data Search, Jakarta) is the no. for all issues from no. 85 (12 Sept. 1977).

Contents: Originally fiche publication was undertaken of titles not available in sufficient quantity to meet the needs of participant libraries in the Southeast Asia Cooperative program, or which were printed on poor quality paper and preservation was desirable. Fiche publications may include commercial, institutional and government publications.

Access: Fiche are arranged by fiche nos, chronologically and numerically, with the serial sequence following the monographs. The hardcopy, Library of Congress Office, Jakarta Accessions list, Southeast Asia (S 015.5905 UNI with a partial set in fiche at mc SUDOC LC1.30/10:) provides in its Indonesia segment full bibliographical details of the item showing the microfiche no. Entries are arranged alphabetically by main entry in each issue and there are annual indexes. Items without microfiche nos are not in this fiche collection but may be in other ANL collections. There are occasional separate cumulative lists of serials. Indonesian items found on the ABN database with the fiche no. showing in the entry may be found in the fiche collection file by that fiche no.

090 Manuscripts and Book Rarities

072 / Collection of Sundanese manuscripts in the National Library of Australia, MS 1673. Canberra, Microdata for National Library of Australia, 1966.

ANL mfm G 3266-3271; 6 reels.

Notes: Filmed from 130 manuscripts held by ANL which were copied for R.A. Kern from the originals held by the Bataviaasch Genootschap voor Kunsten en Wetenschappen.

Contents: Largely Sundanese folktales.

Access: Reel 1 begins with an introduction giving the history of the collection and a listing by manuscript no. as applied by ANL explaining the variations in numbering from that used in other catalogues of the collection.

300 Social Science Collections : Indonesia

109 / Indonesian pre-independence periodicals on microfiche. Zug, IDC, 1981.

ANL mp 2033-2072, c. 250 boxes of microfiche.

Notes: Collection title from publisher's catalogue. Of this collection of 87 titles ANL holds only some, and those held have been individually catalogued. Fiche are identified with various nos in the ESE series.

Access: The hardcopy pamphlet (7pp.) Indonesian pre-independence periodicals on microfiche. [Zug], IDC, [1981] at RM mp 2033 lists titles in the collection.

110 / Indonesian publications on microfiche reproduced by the Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde and deposited with PDII. Jakarta, PDII.

No. 28 (1988)-impf
ANL mc 1787, c. 3600 microfiche

Notes: Corporate author name varies: PDIN; PDII-LIPI; Pusat Dokumentasi dan Informasi Ilmiah. Fiche header shows KITLV no. e.g. KITLV-28-1988 and first words of title of reproduced item.

Contents: Collection included documents and working papers of government, business and university organisations. Some university theses are included. Material reproduced has usually been published earlier than the KITLV issue year. Note however that ANL does not receive all items designated as fiche in the Katalog...; ANL's collection appears to be limited to 'social sciences' items.

Access: Fiche are arranged by no. within the issue year. Hardcopy guide: Katalog perpustakaan: koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde (KITLV). Jakarta, Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI). 1988- at RM mc 1787, earlier issues at sq 015.598 INS. This provides bibliographical details of the items on microfiche as well as other material not on fiche. The 1988 issues list the items in fiche and non-fiche sections, each section being arranged by corporate organisation with the entries numbered. The microfiche or KITLV no. is the no. underneath the entry, e.g. 25051988. The 1989 issues arrange entries alphabetically by author or title, and provide an entry numbering system this no. being used to locate the fiche in the collection if 'mf' appears under the entry no. Each issue of 1989 includes author, subject and corporate organisation name indexes.

111 / Modern Indonesia project. Monographs. Zug, Inter Documentation.

ANL mp 2026, c. 540 boxes of microfiche.

Notes: Title varies: Joint microfiche project on Indonesia. Corporate author name varies: Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde (Netherlands); Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology, Leiden. Selected from the Wason Collection in the Olin Library of Cornell University and also from several other major Indonesian library collections. The fiche are labelled in the top left corner with alphanumeric nos beginning with e.g. BSM, BSK, SE, and also a running no. in the top right corner. It is the latter no. which when found in the catalogue listings is used to retrieve a wanted title. Note that some boxes retain previously allocated call. mp 779.

Contents: The major monographic Indonesian social science publications issued in Indonesia between 1945 and 1968, later extended to those issued between 1954 and 1973. Boxes 1-369, [fiche] 1.50-18453; A1-a30, 19000-20425; B1-B36, 20500-22292; C1-C36, 22500-24304; D1-D19, 24501-25410. For a description of the serials segment of this collection see entry 112 [following]. For other major collections of Indonesian publications see entries 063, 064.
Dodson entry no. 24101 pp. 388-9.

Access: Hardcopy catalogues: a) Indonesian monographs: a catalogue of monograph publications 1945-1968. A collection of more than 7000 titles mainly concerning the social sciences from Cornell University Libraries on microfiche. Zug, Inter Documentation, 1974 (Bibiotheca Asiatica 10) at RM mp 2026; b) Indonesian monographs: supplement 1. A catalogue of monograph publications 1945-1973. A supplement of more that 3,000 titles mainly concerning the social sciences from the Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology, Leiden. Zug, Inter Documentation, 1983 (Bibliotheca Asiatica 17) at RM mp 2026. As described in the Preface of a) items listed in this include virtually all Indonesian social science publications issued in Indonesia, both commercially and non-commercially in the period 1945-68. The items have been selected from three other listings: A bibliography of Indonesian government documents and selected Indonesian writings on government in the Cornell University Library by Daniel S. Lev, Ithaca, NY, Southeast Asia Program, Dept of Far Eastern Studies, Cornell University, 1958 (Data paper no. 31) (s 31 915 COR); Preliminary checklist of Indonesian imprints (1945-1949) with Cornell University holdings. John M. Echols, Ithaca, NY, Modern Indonesia Project, Southeast Asia Program, Dept of Asian Studies, Cornell University, 1965 (Bibliography series) at 015.92 ECH; Southeast Asia accessions list (Wason collection). Ithaca, NY, Southeast Asian Program, Cornell University, vol. 1 (1959-) (SAR 016.959 COR) Catalogues a) and b) above provide access by broad subject, but b) lacks an author approach. Explanation of the project and some bibliographical listings appear in Indonesia: microfiche editions. Zug, Inter Documentation, [1975], 87 pp. at RM mp 2026.

112 / Modern Indonesia project. Serials. Zug, Inter Documentation.

ANL mp call nos see Notes, c. 2000 boxes of microfiche.

Notes: Title varies: Joint microfiche project. Indonesia-serials. Corporate author name varies: Koninklijk Intituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde (Netherlands). The selection was made on the basis of Professor John M. Echols' and Yvonne Thung's A checklist of Indonesian serials in the Cornell University Library (1945-1970) Ithaca, NY, Southeast Asia Program, Dept of Asian Studies, Cornell University, 1973 (Data paper number 89) at RM mp 22. ANL call nos mp 22-696, 698-781, 786, 798-1029, 1031-1259, 1261-1367, 1369-1393.

Contents: More than 1400 serials selected by R.S. Karni, Head of the Documentation Centre for Modern Indonesia of the Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology (RILA) in Leiden. Some titles included were published prior to 1945. For a description of one title Indonesia: publications of the Communist Party see entry 325.
Dodson entry no. 24101 pp. 388-9.

Access: A hardcopy list Indonesia: microfiche editions. Zug, Inter Documentation Company, [1975], 87 pp. at RM mp 2026 provides some explanation of the Joint microfiche project on Indonesia and lists pre- and post- World War II serials, pre-World War II monographs, and manuscripts and printed works in teh Nationalist Movement collection (entry 154). Another basic list is: A guide to Indonesian serials (1945-1965) in the Cornell University Library by Yvonne Thung and John M. Echols, Ithaca, NY, Modern Indonesian Project, Southeast Asia Program, Dept of Asian Studies, Cornell University, 1966 (Bibliography series) at RM mp 125. All titles in the serials collection have been individually recorded in ANL's serial records. Newspapers are recorded by title in ANL's newspaper records.

113 / Sociographic survey of Indonesia. Data paper. A collection of BA theses (scripsis) prepared by students at Indonesian universities in the 1960s(?).
Canberra, Microdata for National Library of Australia.

ANL mfm G 1871-1873, 3708, 3709, 3910, 7244, 7733; 8 reels.

Notes: Title varies: Indonesian social case studies and sociographic data; Indonesian studies. Collected by M.A. Jaspan. In Indonesian.

Access: The reel mfm G 3708 begins with a list of nos 1-27.

320 Politics : Indonesia

154 / Indonesian nationalist movement. Manuscript and printed sources on microfiche.
Zug, Inter Documentation.

ANL mc G 7, mp 1277; 307 microfiche and 8 boxes of microfiche.

Notes: Manuscript items are numbered in IDC's SD 100-113 series with additional fiche numbering forming several subsets. Some manuscript items are also identified with KITLV H nos. The printed works are numbered in IDC's SE series.

Contents: Manuscripts are 44 items related to peasant revolt, in Dutch at mc G 7 and mc G 7/1-232; printed sources originally published in Indonesia and overseas, many in the Netherlands, form a collection of monographs and serials e.g. Sumatra post 1898-1923, relevant to Indonesian nationalism at mp 1277. Some items were originally published as early as the 19th century. Received as part of the Modern Indonesia project - serials collection. See entry 112.

Access: Hardcopy list: Indonesian nationalist movement: manuscript and printed sources on microfiche. Zug, IDC, [1986], at RM mp 1277 lists items in the peasant revolt manuscript collection and in the modern nationalism collection. Items in the manuscript collection are arranged by fiche no. or the allocated mc G no. following the sequence in the list. The items in the nationalism collection at mp 1277 are arranged alphabetically by author or title.

335 Indonesia : Communism

325 / Indonesia. Publications of the Communist Party of Indonesia 1952-1965.

Fiche nos. 1-156. Zug, Inter Documentation.
ANL mp 619, 156 microfiche, 4 boxes.

Notes: Title varies: P.K.I. documents and serials, 1952-1965.
Corporate author name varies: Partai Komunis Indonesia; PKI. All fiche are identified with the no. SE5 in the top left hand corner and with a fiche no. in the sequence 1-156.

Contents: Collection of 332 documents and 4 serial titles with some Indonesian items included also in English translation. Publications related to the PKI's national congresses are included. The collection forms part of the Modern Indonesian project - serials collection. Serial titles included are: Api kartini, Bintang merah, Review of Indonesia, and Suara tani.

Access: A hardcopy listing (9pp.): Communist Party of Indonesia: P.K.I. documents and serials, 1952-1965 is held at RM mp 619.

340 Law : Indonesia

348 / Koleksi mikrofis. Peraturan perundang-undangan Republik Indonesia PDH-FHUI. Jakarta, 1987.

ANL mc 1800; 5000 microfiche.

Notes: Fiche header includes fiche no. and title and part of legal document reproduced.

Contents: Laws and regulationns of Indonesia from Independence to 1986. Various types of legislation such as decrees, memoranda, notices and ordinances are reproduced.

Access: Fiche are arranged numerically. Hardcopy guide: Koleksi mikrofis peraturan perundang-undangan Republik Indonesia. Disusun oleh Pusat Dokumentasi Hukum, Fakultas Hukum Universitas Indonesia. Bagian A: Daftar isi kartu-kartu mikrofis. Berdasarkan nomor. Bagian B v. 1-5: Indeks kartu-kartu mikrofis. Nomor 01 s/d nomor 5000 [at beginning of Bagian B v. 1 followed by] Menurut bentuk, tahun dan nomor peraturan. 6 vols, Jakarta, PDH-FHUI, 1987 at RM mc 1800. Bagian A is a list by fiche no. showing type of legislation (e.g. Lembaran negara, TLN, HPN) and year of issue. Bagian B vol. 1, pp. (halaman) 1-106 is a listing of the legislation arranged alphabetically by law name e.g. Act, Amanat, Keputusan, Peraturan with the page reference on the left side referring to the place in the second page sequence of Bagian B vols 1-5 where the detailed description of the reproduced legislation is found. The detailed description gives a reference to source pages on the fiche and the fiche no. is on the right side of the page.

[See Also Dutch East Indies. Staatsblaad van Nederlandsch-Indie 1949-
mc 2078.

732 Indonesia : Art

493 / Indonesian archaeological photographs on microfiche. Photo collection of the National Research Centre of Archaeology of the Republic of Indonesia 1901-1956 at the Kern Institute, University of Leiden. Zug, IDC, 1983.

(SE-20, 200), ANL RM mc 1619, 282 microfiche.

Notes: Title varies: Indonesian archaeological photographs, 1901-1956. Corporate name varies: Pusat Pelelitian Arkeologi Nasional (Indonesia); Rijksuniversiteit te Leiden. Instituut Kern; University of Leiden. Oudheidkundige Dienst; National Research Centre of Archaeology, Indonesian. Forward by Professor J.G. de Casparis.

Contents: Fiche 1-262 contain photo nos. 1-17606, fiche 263-267 contain large photo nos between 47a and 8363.

Access: The Lijst der fotografische opanem van de Oudheidkundige Commissie, fiche nos A-1 to A-15, gives a brief description of each photograph in numerical sequence. Fiche A-9 and A-10 include lists in apparently separate numerical sequences ('foto's HOLT' and 'Bali-foto's'). Photographs listed on fiche A-11-(foto no. 17607-) do not appear to be in the collection.

915 Indonesia : Description

532 / Indonesia. Memories van overgave. Zug, IDC, 1981.

ANL mc 241, 807 microfiche.

Notes: Filmed from the collection of mostly typewritten reports housed in the Library of the Social Science Research Department of the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam.

Contents: The reports, in Dutch, were written by civil servants describing Netherlands Indies local conditions for successor officials. They date mainly from the 1930s but also include those of later and earlier periods. Series no. on fiche is SE-20115.

Access: Hardcopy pamphlet (7pp.) Indonesia: memories van overgave on microfiche. [Zug], IDC, [1982] at RM mc 241 provides an introduction to the collection and lists contents of the collections with fiche nos. Fiche B1-B5 provide a systematic geographical index, author index and alphabetic geographical index. The maps fiche, A1-A24, which show the administrative areas at various years, are filed at the end of the collection fiche. Note ANL also holds on 17 reels at mfm 471 extracts from various serial titles such as Handelingen der Staten-Generaal, Kolonial tijdschrift, Indisch Genootschap. The Hague. Verslagen... and Koloniale studien of the 19th and 20th centuries entitled Dutch administration records. A bound listing is held at RM mfm 471.

950 Indonesia : History

599 / Korn, V.E. Collection of documents (from the Department of Oriental Manuscripts, the Royal Institute for Anthropology, Leiden, Netherlands). Zug, IDC.

ANL mc G 8, 1594 microfiche.

Notes: Fiche are identified as IDC series SE-20105, and also include document or map nos, and fiche nos on the right side.

Contents: The collection covers the period 1865 to 1969 and reflects the work of Victor Emanuel Korn (1892-1969). Maps are on fiche 1559-94.

Access: Hardcopy Guide to the microfiche edition of the Korn collection: the archives of Professor Victor Emanuel Korn now in the Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology Leiden, The Netherlands. Compiled by F.G.P. Jaquet, Zug, Inter Documentation Company, [1973], second title page and text in Dutch, 56 pp. at RM mc G 8. The Guide is also on fiche 1-3 identified as Index. This is a detailed inventory with an alphabetical index of names of places, persons, and organisations.