The National Library encourages the reporting of wrongdoing under the Public Interest Disclosure Act, (PID Act) and will act on disclosures where appropriate and protect Disclosers from any reprisals or threats of reprisals as a result of making a disclosure. Staff and former employees should note that PID has superseded Whistleblower policy and procedures.

The Public Interest Disclosure Policy aims to ensure that disclosures made under the legislation are managed in accordance with the standards required by the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s Office and good practice. Specifically the Policy and related procedure are to ensure that public interest disclosures are:

  • treated seriously
  • investigated properly; and
  • that no reprisals attach to a staff member making a disclosure.

The Library has Authorised Officers who can determine the threshold issues of whether a matter is a public interest disclosure and, if so, allocate it for investigation:

  • Cathy Pilgrim, Assistant Director-General, Executive and Public Programs
  • David Wong, Assistant Director-General, Information Technology
  • Alison Dellit, Assistant Director-General, National Collections Access
  • Aileen Weir, Director, Digital Services Collaboration

Please contact one of Authorised Officers if you think there is conduct that needs to be investigated. A disclosure may be made anonymously or openly. While a disclosure may be made orally or in writing, if you wish to make an anonymous disclosure the department recommends sending your disclosure by post.
Information contained in the disclosure should be:

  • clear and factual
  • so far as possible, avoid speculation, personal attacks and emotive language
  • contain supporting evidence where that is available
  • where possible, identify any witnesses to the conduct

By email:

By post:

Authorised Officer
Public Interest Disclosures
Div 6 Corporate Services - Human Resources  

National Library of Australia


More information about the Public Interest Disclosure scheme can be found on the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s website.