Recipients of our Japan Study Grants, funded by Harold S Williams Trust Fund. The program  supports  scholars researching on Japan and requiring special access to the Library’s Japanese and Japan related collections.


Ms Laura Clark, researching on 'Comparing Japanese and English-language theoretical constructions of Japanese masculinities'

Mr Caleb Kelso-Marsh, researching on ’Night (mare) and the City: The Transnational Context of Film Noir and Conditions of Modernity in Korean and Japanese Crime Films'

Dr Emily Brink, with the research topic 'Playing with Time:   Kabuki, Temporality, and Japanese Actor Prints after Photography’

Dr Narrelle Morris, researching on ‘ Images of Justice William Webb at the Tokyo Trial’

Dr Yasuko Hassall Kobayashi, with her research topic on ‘ Japanese Soldiers Migrant Experiences – through the ATIS Interrogation Reports’.


Dr Natsuko Akagawa, Global, Urban and Social Studies, RMIT University
Visualising Imperialism: Japan and its ‘Exterior Territories’ 1900 – 1945

Natsuko Akagawa in studio setting, grey background

A/Prof Tomoko Aoyama, School of Languages and Cultures, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Queensland
Tsurumi Kazuko and Shunsuke in Australia, 1937

Tomoko Okayama in studio setting, grey background

Dr Lucy Fraser, Lecturer in Japanese, School of Languages and Cultures, University of Queensland
Animal-Human Interactions in Japanese Tales Retold: Retelling Takizawa Bakin’s Dog-Human Interactions in Sakuraba Kazuki’s 'Fuse: A Counterfeit Eight Dog Chronicles'

Dr Lucy Fraser in the NLa studio in fron o a blue background. Lucy is wearing a white top

Ms Mayu Kanamori, independent scholar, photographer and script writer, Sydney
Japanese Women in Australia

Dr Helen Kilpatrick, Senior Lecturer, Japanese in the Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts, University of Wollongong
The Modern Melancholic Aesthetic in Shôjo Fiction and Art

 Dr Helen Kilpatrick


Mr Gwyn McClelland, PhD candidate in Japanese Studies, Historical Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Abrahamic Religions, Monash University
'Dangerous memory' in Urakami and Nagasaki

Gwyn McClelland in the Asian Colecion reading room, in front of white metal shelves which are stocked with books bound in red covers

Dr Barbara Hartley, Senior Lecturer, Japanese Studies,
Head of Discipline, Asian Languages and Studies, University of Tasmania
Imagining the Continent: Representations of the Asian Mainland in Shôwa Era Japanese Cultural Production in Showa Japan

Mr Darren Swanson, School of Languages and Cultures, University of Sydney
Athletecism, Freemasonry and Clubbability: Expatriate Social Networks in Kobe

Darren Swanson standing directly in front of a bookshelf, smiling straight at the camera

Dr Alison Broinowski, ANU College of Asia & the Pacific Centre for Asian Societies and Histories. Based in Sydney.
Counter-culture: Norman Sparnon and the power of flowers 

Alison Broinowski sitting in red chair in aisan reading room with white bookshelf behind.

Prof Sandra Wilson, Professor - History and Japanese Studies, Murdoch University
Japanese War Crimes, 1941-1945

Sandra Wilson standing on the podium on the bookplate side in the winter sun, bare trees behind


Dr Shigeru Sato, Senior Lecturer in Asian Studies, School of Humanities and Social Science, University of Newcastle
Collateral Damages of World War II in Southeast Asia: A Comparative Study'

Shigeru Sato standing on podium against treasuryside NLA wall, marble columns behind

Mr Martin Veres, PhD candidate in Japanese at the University of Wollongong
'Space, Modernism, and Morality in the Children's Fiction of Akutagawa Ryūnosuke'

Martin Veres standing on Patrick White Lawns with camera looking behind him to lakeside NLA wall, part of the roof can be seen

Ms Prue Holstein, Candidate for Masters of Arts convertible to a PHD, Monash University
'Japanese German Commercial Relations and Effect of World War One on those relations'

Prue Holstein standing in front of an unidentifiable print, likely in the ARR

Mr Ross Tunney, PhD candidate in the Asian Languages and Studies at University of Tasmania
'Constructing the Self: Photography, Alterity, and Identity in Post-war Japanese Photography'

 Ross Tunney sitting on the corner of one of the desks in the Asian Reading Room, with the white bookcases visible behind him

Mr Alexander Brown, PhD candidate in Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts, University of Wollongong
'The Precarity of Protest: Changing Labour Market Structures and Anti-nuclear Movements in Japan After Fukushima'

 Alexander Brown standing in the Asian Reading Room with one hand lightly resting upon one of the research tables. The white bookcases are visible behind


Dr Victoria Eaves-Young, Honorary Associate, University of Tasmania
'The Diary of Tamura Yoshikazu: Writing Under the Gaze of the Kokutai During the Japanese Imperial Army New Guinea Campaign'

 Victoria Eaves-Young stnding in front of unidentifiable print, probably in the ARR

Ms Machiko Ishikawa, PhD Candidate, School of Asian Languages and Studies, University of Tasmania
'Nakagami Kenji: Paradox and the Representation of Silenced Subaltern Voice'

Closely framed image of Machiko Ishikawa

Dr Emiko Okayama, Honorary Fellow, Asia Institute, The University of Melbourne
'The World (sekai) and Innovation (shukō ) of Edo Yomihon: investigating Bakin's adaptation techniques'

Emko Okayama sitting at her desk in the Fellows room of the Asian Reading Room, with blinds directly behind her

Ms Kirsti Rawstron, PhD candidate, History and Politics at the University of Wollongong
'A Comparative Study Gender Equality in Education and Employment in the post-CEDAW Asia-Pacific Region: Special Focus on Japan'

Kirsti Rawstron standing in Asian Collection stack, leaning on one of the bookshelves on hte right


Dr Chiaki Ajioka, Independent scholar, NSW
'Mingei Intercultural: cross-cultural interpretation of Mingei'

 Chiaki Ajioka standing in front of bookcase in Asian Reading Room, reference tome and a few decorative items on the shelves

Ms Kumiko Kawashima, PhD candidate in Anthropology, Department of Political and Social Change, Australian National University
'Youth migration and social change: Japanese information and service workers in a Chinese economic development zone'

Kumiko Kawashima standing in ARR with bookcases behind, holding a book open in her right hand, her left holding the page

Dr Miyume Tanji, Targeted Curtin Research Fellow, Centre for Advanced Studies in Australia, Asia and the Pacific, and Centre for Human Rights Education
'Bases, Islands and Communities: protecting the US-Japan Security Alliance in Okinawa and Guam'

 Miyume Tanji in te Asian Reading Room, leaning on one of the lower bookshelves, the taller ones in the distance


Mr Russell Kelty, PhD candidate, University of Adelaide
' Kukai and Japanese mandalas'

Russell Kelty standing in front of a blank wall with a book in his hands, leaning on a second wall which is only just in frame

Ms Stephanie Coates, PhD candidate, Japanese Program, Asian Studies, School of Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, La Trobe University
Young women and mobile fiction on contemporary Japan

Stephanie Coates sitting at reference table in RR with a book open in front of her

Ms Lesley Crowe-Delaney, PhD candidate, Curtin University

'Tourism and coastal development in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan'

Lesley Crowe-Delaney standing in front of a solid white wall

Dr Kay-Wah Chan, Senior lecturer, Department of Business Law, Faculty of Business & Economics, Macquarie University

'Evolution and historical development of the judicial scrivener profession in Japan'

Kay-Wah Chan standing in an unidentifiable blue space

Associate Professor Sandra Wilson, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Murdoch University

'The repatriation and release of convicted Japanese war criminals, 1945-1958'

Sandra Wilson sitting in red chair in Asian Reading Room, bookcases behind her, a book open in her lap