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What’s new in 2024


Braidwood newspapers

Late nineteenth and early twentieth century editions of newspapers from Braidwood, NSW including Braidwood News and Gold Fields General Advertiser, Braidwood Observer and Miner's Advocate, Captain's Flat Mining Record, Hill End and Tambaroora Times and Miners' Advocate and Moruya Examiner. 

Title from front page of Braidwood News and Gold Fields General Advertiser newspaper
Braidwood News and Gold Fields General Advertiser (Braidwood, NSW), 2 September 1862, nla.news-page31578272


Daily Mirror newspaper

More than 600,000 pages of the Daily Mirror newspaper (Sydney, NSW) from May 1941 to December 1954. These include 'war news’, ‘late final’ and ‘last race football’ editions of the paper.

Front page of a newspaper, with very large text reading 'WAR ENDS IN EUROPE Victory celebration'
War ends in Europe, Daily Mirror (Sydney, NSW), 8 May 1945, nla.news-page30554954


Papers of Kristian Fredrikson

This collection includes sketches, artworks and models by renowned stage and costume designer Kristian Fredrikson from many productions throughout his long career.

Detailed, slightly abstract sketches of costumes for a man and a woman featuring red, black and orange robes and headresses
Costume and Set Sketches – Oedipus Rex (detail), 1964, from the papers of Kristian Fredrikson, nla.obj-3139274966

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Ferguson and McLaren Local History Collections 

More than 5000 local history pamphlets from the nineteenth and twentieth century are being made available on Trove as they are captured.

Black and white photograph of lily pads on a pond surrounded by garden, with a floral boarder around the image
Adelaide Botanic Garden, Adelaide Botanic Gardens, South Australia : an official souvenir prepared in connection with the jubilee celebrations, October 19th, 1907, nla.obj-3290465475

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Highlights from 2023

Papers of Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony collected by Eric Nicholls

Sketches, writing, articles and more by and about Walter and Marion Griffin from throughout their lives and careers, including the establishment of Canberra.

Records of the Australian Women Pilots' Association

Eight scrapbooks of newspaper cuttings, letters and photographs collected by the Australian Women Pilots' Association about women fliers, particularly in Australia during the 1950s and 1960s.

Hemisphere journals

29 volumes of the Asian-Australian magazine that sought to help university students from the Asia-Pacific adjust to life in Australia by providing insight into Australian culture and history.

Chinese Language

Books, pamphlets and albums about China, Chinese culture, and the experience of Chinese migrants in Australia, including titles published in Australia, in both traditional Chinese and English languages.

Australian cookery books

Over 100 historical cookbooks covering a variety of Australian and international cuisines for all skill levels - and more to come.

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