A black and white landscape of a group of sunbathing people lying on a beach with multiple surfboards lying on the ground together.
Rennie Ellis, Surfer Boys and Girls on Beach, Lorne, 1975, nla.obj-145150096, courtesy of the Rennie Ellis Photographic Archive

Over the past half-century, new ways of spending our leisure time have emerged, many of which involve screens, both large and small.

Despite these developments, the way we choose to relax outside of work hours has remained remarkably constant. Australia has a strong culture of outdoor play, doubtless fostered by its climate and wide-open spaces. Sport and bushwalking, BBQs and picnics, shows and festivals, and holidays spent at the beach are all captured in the Library’s collection. As is socialising over a drink or a meal, playing board and card games, attending concerts or dancing the night away.