Policy statement

The Library is committed to promoting standards of conduct and behaviours that are required of all APS employees by the APS Values, Employment Principles and Code of Conduct. This commitment extends to creating and sustaining a healthy and safe working environment for all workers and visitors.  The Library supports a workplace culture which is respectful, flexible, inclusive, safe, fair, productive, and that is free from all forms of discrimination, bullying and harassment, and where people can expect physical and psychological safety. 

The Library takes seriously any instances of suspected misconduct and responds promptly, impartially and confidentially.

Procedure aims

These procedures are established for the purpose of subsection 15(3) of the Public Service Act.  As such, it sets out the procedures that must be complied with in determining:

  1. whether an APS employee, or former APS employee who was employed in the Library at the time of the suspected misconduct, has breached the Code, and
  2. what sanction, if any, should be imposed on an APS employee who is found to have breached the Code.

Managing Misconduct Procedures