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Archived websites about Indonesia politics and government

The Internet Archive comprises websites archived around a theme, and is fully accessible by public. Click on the links to see the front page of each collection on the Internet Archive and there you can find a complete list of featured sites and select individual sites for viewing. A site may have been archived more than once depending on its value as an information source and the nature of the collection. New collections are being developed and links will be added here.

Indonesian election 2009 and catalogue record

Here are websites of the major political parties that contested the 2009 Indonesian parliamentary elections on 9 April 2009. Only websites at the national level are included, along with websites of international offices. Websites of party regional offices and of individual organisation are not included.

Indonesian election 2009: Presidential candidates and catalogue record

Websites of candidates for President of Indonesia in the 2009 elections.

Indonesian election 2009: mass media and monitoring and catalogue record

Selected mass media, electoral information and election monitoring sites that cover the 2009 Indonesian Parliamentary and Presidential elections.

Indonesian parliamentary election 2009: local and catalogue record

Websites of party regional offices and of individual candidates contesting the 2009 Indonesian parliamentary elections, including parties that operate in Aceh-only.

Indonesian election 2014 and catalogue record

Websites of selected political parties and groups, and government, related to the 2014 general elections (includes blogs, Facebook, videos)

Indonesian election 2019 and catalogue record

Collection of websites relating with the general and presidential election in Indonesia in 2019.

Indonesian Islamic organisations 2007 and catalogue record

Selected Indonesian Islamic organisations comprise this archive unit. Some are organisations involved in Indonesian politics in their efforts to strengthen democratic institutions, and promote their views. These organizations have long formed the vital core of Indonesia's civil society and continue to play a leading role in democratic reform and improving social conditions. They include groups belonging to the mass-based organisations, Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) and Muhammadiyah , that have networks that span the country from the national down to the district and village levels. Also included are Islamic liberal organisations and organisations described as strict or extreme.

Indonesia: West Papua and catalogue record

Selected international and Indonesian web sites related to West Papuan political and social movements, which includes human rights, NGOs and civil society. West Papua has social and political unrest and so these archives be updated frequently.