NLA Digital collections: Statement of Preservation Intent

Collection Area: Maps

The Library's digital Maps collection includes born digital images from internal and external sources. As a largely published collection, Maps should consider the Preservation Intent of related institutions in determining intention to preserve.

Maps intend that:

  • All Maps digital preservation masters should be retained in perpetuity, including all metadata. All technical properties should be maintained to the full extent possible.
  • Derivative copies created for access should be maintained only for as long as useful; a new derivative version may be generated according to future access requirements.
  • Born digital maps and map related material coming from external and internal sources should be treated similarly.

Other Issues:

  • May include some material 'belonging' to other collection areas (e.g. Manuscripts) who need to be consulted.
  • May include 'marginalia' and other textual data.
  • Although Maps specify digital formats acceptable for acquisition through the CDP, this may change over time, requiring revision of preservation intent profile.
  • Digitised items may be re-captured over time.
  • Digital items come into the maps collection via three main collecting streams:
    • Digitised internally through DCM;
    • Digititised from an external source;
    • Born digital, created from an external source; and
    • A combinination of the later two catagories delivered via a carrier (physical, such as CD, DVD or logical, such as email). This content may or may not require different preservation actions.
  • Some Image files which contain metadata may need to be modified/edited overtime. Alternatively, the metadata might have to be removed from the file and stored separately.
  • There may be some material which is the responsibility of another agency to preserve.
  • Does not consider NLA Maps staff created material.

Version 1.0 20 March 2013