Cataloguing statement

The cataloguing statement is only to be used by publishers who have already submitted a Prepublication Data Service application for their book or notated music.

NLA logo with cataloguing statement


How do I access the cataloguing statement?

  • Click the download button above
  • Open the zip file
  • Open your preferred cataloguing statement file. One file contains the statement with the National Library logo. One file contains the statement without the National Library logo.
  • Select your preferred image format for the cataloguing statement. For your convenience, we provide the cataloguing statement in the following formats: JPG, TIF, PNG and EPS

Where should the cataloguing statement appear in my publication?

  • The cataloguing statement should be printed on the imprint page with the publication details and copyright information. This is usually located on the reverse side of the title page.
  • For electronic publications, the cataloguing statement should also appear with the publication details and copyright information.
  • The cataloguing statement may be resized (with constraints maintained), ranged left or centred to suit your design arrangements. The cataloguing statement may not be altered in any other way.

What should my imprint page look like?

Your imprint page is usually on the reverse side of the title page, and is also known as the copyright page. It may contain as little or as much information as you like.

We recommend that you print your publisher details, the publication date, copyright information and ISBN or ISMN.

You may also choose to print the cataloguing statement on this page. This is optional.