How to choose what format to deliver your legal deposit 

The Library takes all formats, but we prefer digital. Here’s what you need to know:

  • If the work is published in just one format only (e.g. print copy) then that’s how it needs to be given to the Library. 
  • If the work is published in both digital and print copy (e.g. a book that’s on sale as an eBook and in paperback) then digital is preferred.
  • Digital deposit is much easier, quicker and it’s free. Depositing is secure and you can control the level of access. If you deposit a publication in National edeposit (NED) this fulfils your legal deposit obligations under the Copyright Act (1968).
  • Only deposit one copy. We may have to dispose of any extra copies we receive. Please see our Deaccessioning and Disposal Policy.
  • We take hardcovers and paperbacks, but we prefer hardcover books as they last longer.
  • If you deposit a work in one format, please keep it consistent if it’s part of a series. For instance, if you give us a collection of magazine issues we’d prefer it if they’re all deposited in one format (i.e. all digital copies, not some as print copies and some as digital).

Why it’s important to deposit only once

The Library only requires you to deposit one copy of a work and we prefer digital. If you send multiple copies, even in different formats, we will only keep one copy of the item and extra copies will be discarded. So always remember, please just send us one copy.

If there are duplicate copies of material - either those already in the collection or items being assessed for inclusion in the collection - the Library may deaccession or dispose of duplicate material in line with the Library’s Deaccessioning and Disposal Policy.

How to deliver the legal deposit

  • If you are depositing a digital copy you can make the legal deposit via
  • If it's a print copy you can mail it or else deliver it.
  • Simply mail the book with your name and address. No forms are needed.
  • If you choose to deliver the publication in person, you’ll need to fill out a form when you arrive.

What happens next?

  • If you’ve submitted your work electronically, via, you’ll get an automatic acknowledgement that we’ve received it.
  • If you’ve delivered us a print copy, you won’t get an acknowledgment. We have tens of thousands of books coming in each year and we’re unable to acknowledge every book that arrives.
  • Wait for three months (if it’s a print submission) and your work should be in the catalogue.
  • For an electronic submission, the work should be in the collection almost immediately. You can search Trove to find it.

Always remember: one copy and one format!

Thank you for helping to build the Library’s amazing collection.

Need further information? Check out our FAQs page.

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