Strategic Procurement Outlook: The National Library of Australia is a major centre for scholarship and research. We build, care for and provide access to a national collection of material in many forms. The Library is not a prescribed entity under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 for purposes of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules but has chosen to comply with the principles and processes wherever appropriate.

The procurements listed in this forecast are anticipated at the time of creation of the Plan and as revised. However, there is no guarantee that any or all purchases will proceed; or that they will proceed at the time planned; or of the actual manner of approach to the market place.

19/20 Annual Procurement Plan

Reference Description                   Estimated date of approach to the market

Construction services for Building Management System replacement

Quarter 1
2 Offsite Relocation of Library Collection Material Quarter 1
3 Construction services to undertake alterations, refurbishments and upgrades to existing HVAC systems Quarter 2
4 IT Servers updates for the Australian Web Archive Quarter 2
5 Asbestos removal services Quarter 2
6 Copying services – Preservation duplication of audio materials Quarter 2
7 HVAC, Electrical & Motorised Shelving Maintenance Quarter 2
8 Fire Systems Maintenance Quarter 2
9 Cleaning, Labouring and Waste Management Services Quarter 3
10 Transcription Services – Transcribing oral history interviews Quarter 3
11 Construction services for level LG2 of the National Library Building Quarter 3
12 Guarding and Security Services Quarter 4
13 Desktop Computers for Reading Rooms Quarter 4
14 Replacement of motorised mobile shelving – LG2 Lakeside Stack Quarter 4