Family History and Historical Societies - a comprehensive list of societies in Australia


The Genealogical Society of Victoria has about 5000 members throughout Australia and overseas

Genealogy SA is the leading resource for South Australian family history information.

Family History WA is the largest society of its type in Western Australia. Click here to read their entertaining blog by on why you should join a family history society.

NSW & ACT Association of Family History Societies aims to foster an interest in family history and to represent the views of its member societies in matters of state, national and international genealogical interests. They can provide researchers with contact details of the most appropriate society to assist their enquiries.

Wedding group, Bushy Park, Tasmania, 2 September 1875
Wedding group, Bushy Park, Tasmania, 2 September 1875, nla.obj-139460198

Membership of a family history society may greatly assist your research.

Local societies hold specialist collections of material for their specific area as well as family history material from other regions and countries.

Family history societies also provide education in family history research skills and information and assistance in tracing your family tree.

Societies often have special interest research groups. For example, the Family History ACT have thirteen special interest groups including early Australian, continental European, Convict, East Anglia, London and Wales. If you aren't in Canberra, check out what your own state or region has to offer.

The Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations (AFFHO) is the umbrella organisation for family history societies in the region.

AFFHO was established in 1978 to coordinate and assist the work of Australian and New Zealand groups with interests in family history, genealogy, heraldry and related subjects.

The Society of Australian Genealogists (SAG) has been helping people trace family history for over 80 years. SAG has a world-class library and manuscript collection, much of which is unique. They also run an active programme of lectures, workshops, workshops, seminars and tours.

Mr W.M. Thompson and Dr Forster examining papers at the Benevolent Society Rooms

Mr W.M. Thompson and Dr Forster examining papers at the Benevolent Society Rooms, New South Wales, 14 July 1931 [picture] 1931

The aim of Genealogical Society of the Northern Territory (GSNT) is to promote genealogical and family history research; to further the study of genealogy by the collection of historical data; to educate in genealogy and family history methods; and to urge the preservation of personal historical records.

Genealogical Society of Queensland's mission is 'helping to discover your family history'.  It specialises in family history in the Australian state of Queensland.

The Queensland Family History Society (QFHS) was formed in 1979 and is based in Brisbane. They can assist people to trace their family history in Queensland and throughout the world.

TFHS is open to all interested in genealogy and family history, whether resident in Tasmania or not. Assistance is available to help trace both overseas and Tasmanian ancestry.

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