It's been one year since Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II died. Photographer David Paterson documented public reactions and these images have been added to our collection.

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Military personnel conducting a cannon salute. Old Parliament House and Mount Ainslie are in the background.
David Paterson, 96 Gun Salute at Parliament House, to Mark the Passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 2022, nla.obj-3129072543

The death of the Queen held significant emotional weight for many Australians; it was a time marked by national grieving for some and a reminder of British colonial rule over Australia and its continuing impact for others.

Two women sitting at a table writing on pieces of paper. There are images of Queen Elizabeth II on easels in the background.
David Paterson, Two Women Signing the Condolence Book for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in the State Drawing Room, Government House, 2022, nla.obj-3129073234

Paterson captured some of the official ceremonial events, including the 96-gun salute and condolence books at Parliament House, as well as moments of solemnity at Government House. He also documented the anti-monarchy protests outside the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. The collection features prominent Ngambri activist Leah House and Gomeroi and Wiradjuri activist Murriguel Coe, both of whom delivered speeches at the rally.

A line of people queuing to take part in a smoking ceremony. Old Parliament House is in the background.
David Paterson, Smoking Ceremony During the 'Abolish the Monarchy' Protest at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy Outside Old Parliament House [1], 2022, nla.obj-3129074130

These photographs capture a major historical event and also illustrate the how we collect today what will be important tomorrow. 

A large crowd of people all standing and looking in the same direction. Some of them are taking photos.
David Paterson, Crowd at Parliament House Watching the 96 Gun Salute to Mark the Passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 2022, nla.obj-3129072632