People and organisations

Searching the People and organisations zone

What am I searching?

The People and Organisation view in Trove provides integrated access to almost 900,000 records about people and organisations. These records are sourced from a variety of Australian services including:

What can I find?

For a person or organisation record in Trove you can find:

  • biographical information drawn from different contributors, grouped together into a single record;
  • links to detailed information on contributor’s websites;
  • links to information about associated people and organisations;
  • associated resources by or about the person or organisation across various formats: books and text resources, maps, musical sound recordings, sheet music, folklore and oral history, newspapers, websites; and,
  • citable persistent identifiers.


Below an identity record the “Resources for  <name>” area  contains various tabs.  If there is a tab for “Selected resources”  then these works are related to or can be attributed to <name>.

However for the “Resources by” and “Resources about”  the records in these lists are the result of an  automated search in Trove for records that contain all the words in the name of the identity. These resources are not attributed to the <name of the identity> and they may or may not be related to the identity.

Adding/changing a person or organisation record

The People and Organisation records in Trove are sourced from institutions, libraries, etc that have structured online Australian biographical content and who have the technical capacity to make these records available for automatic machine to machine harvesting and loading into Trove.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept records from individuals for loading into Trove.  

To get a record corrected you will need to contact the contributing organisation. You can do this from the Trove record by clicking on the “View the full record at <contributor>”. From this page on the contributor’s website you should be able to contact them and ask for changes to be made to the record.

You can, however, add information to the Comments area on the People record. You can find this comment area below the Resources. Click on the "No User Comments for this person"  and this will open up a box where you can add your comments. We recommend you create a Trove account before you add the comments so that your name is associated with the comments.

Contributors with online databases containing records about Australian people and/or organisations can contribute their metadata to the People Australia program for discovery in the Trove People and Organisation view. Contributed records are matched against existing records, associated with a People Australia identity record and added to the People Australia database. Each identity record has a citable globally unique persistent identifier for every person and organisation.