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Why isn't my newspaper title digitised?

Since 2008 the National Library of Australia, with a modest budget and small team of staff, has digitised millions of pages of Australian newspapers. However this is still a small percentage of approximately 7,700 newspaper titles ever published in Australia. With such a large number of newspaper titles to be digitised there are many competing priorities and we actively consider the recommendations made by the public and seek advice from colleagues at the state and territory libraries in determining a forward schedule of priority titles to digitise.

In order to enable other libraries, organisations and individuals to contribute funding to support and prioritise digitisation of titles important to them, the Library has implemented a contributor model. For further information about the contributor model, please see the guidelines on the ANDP website.

To suggest a title for digitisation, fill in the suggestion form.

Contributing digitised newspapers

In 2010-2011 the Australian Newspapers Digitisation Program at the National Library of Australia implemented a Contributor Model to encourage and facilitate the digitisation of Australian newspapers. This program is available to all libraries, community groups and other organisations to select and sponsor newspaper titles relevant to their community for digitisation and delivery to Trove. The Library manages all newspaper digitisation projects.

Newspapers are digitised in a standard format which supports long-term preservation, ongoing access and full text searchability of newspaper articles.

General guidelines about this Program and the Contributor Model are available on the National Library's website. To contact the Library to discuss your project you can either email us at or call us on (02) 6262 1199.

Please visit the Australian Newspapers Digitisation Program website for more information.

New newspaper titles

To see which newspapers and journals are coming up for digitisation in the current year please see the list of new titles on the Digitisation partners page. If you have a particular title you would like to see digitised please contact us.

'Coming soon’ in digitised newspapers and gazette

When you see the message ‘Coming soon’ after an article’s title it means that this article is part way through the digitisation process.

On receipt from processing, each batch of new pages goes through a quality check before the articles are available to access in Trove. How long this process takes is dependent on the workload of the team completing this task; however it is normally completed within 28 days.

If a batch fails the final quality check then it is reprocessed, and will take longer to appear in Trove.

To be notified when an article becomes available:

  1. Click on the ‘Coming soon’ link
  2. Add your email address when prompted.

If the batch containing an article fails the quality check then your notification email will contain a link to the page rather than to the exact article.