Adding images

Adding your own images to Trove

You can add your own images to Trove to help build the record of Australian life. Images can be scanned images of your Australian relatives, or photos of Australian people, places, events, fauna and flora.

To add your photos all you need to do is join Flickr and upload your photos there, then add them to the ‘Trove: Australia in Pictures’ group. Images are harvested from Flickr and loaded into Trove three times a day.

If you want your real name in Trove, make sure you put your name into your Flickr profile. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to Flickr, or sign up if you are not already a member
  3. To activate your Flickr account you will need to load at least 5 photos
  4. Visit the Trove: Australia in Pictures group, by searching for ‘Trove’ under the ‘groups’ tab in Flickr, or by following this link:Trove: Australia in Pictures
  5. Click on the ‘Join this group’ link and follow the prompts
  6. Read through the group descriptions for guidelines about contributing to Trove, including information on captions, tags and licences
  7. Upload your images to Flickr
  8. If you flag your photos ‘hide this photo from public searches’ your photos cannot be transferred into Trove
  9. Add your images to the Trove group by clicking on the ‘send to group’ icon located above each of your images in your personal pool
  10. Remember to add accurate tags and descriptions to your photos because those are what the search is based on.

Can I supply you with cover art for my book?

The cover art images appearing in Libraries Australia and Trove search results are based on the ISBN matching with results from Amazon in the first instance, and secondly via Nielsen BookData (pdf) online booksellers database. When an image does not display, no matching image was found from these sources. If the image is different to the book you have in hand, it is because that is the image which matches on ISBN from Amazon/Amazon.

The best way to add/amend cover art on Trove is through one of the Amazon or Nielsen BookData/Amazon contribution programs. On Amazon you need to find the item and click the link to 'Give feedback on images'. For Nielsen BookData, you need to contact them with the cover image.