Pictures, photos and objects

The "Pictures, photos and objects" zone contains: 

Among these are digitised items from the National Library of Australia, which holds one of the largest collections of Australian pictorial history.


The viewer allows you to manipulate the image to make viewing easier.  You can: zoom in and out of the image, rotate the image 360 degrees and expand the image to full screen.

Image of the Trove picture viewer


The viewer controls allow for zoom, rotation and navigation. The tools are located on the top left and top right of the viewer.

Table of controls for using the viewer


Details icon Details

The Details option provides you with information about the item you are viewing. You can find information such as title, issue details and the shelf location of the print copy at the National Library of Australia.

Copyright icon Copyright

Many images in the Trove Digital Library collection are still in copyright. You can view the copyright status of the item, including the reason for this status under the copyright option. This information is a guide only; the item you are viewing may be subject to additional agreements relating to use and reproduction. If you would like further information on the status of any item, please use the link to Trove’s ‘Contact us’ form.

Cite icon Cite

Click on the cite option to find the citation style that best suits your work. You can copy and paste the any citation into your document. Citations are automatically generated so may require some modification. You need to be consistent when citing article in a report or assignment, only use one type of citation method once you have started your project.

Download icon Download

Depending on the copyright status of each item in the collection you will be able to download a digital copy to save to your device. You can download images as PDF or JPG file types.

Order icon Order

You can order a copy of any image you find in the collection. You can order standard images for research or higher resolution images for publication. All copy orders are referred to the National Library’s Copies Direct service. If an item is in copyright you may require permission from the copyright holder to obtain a copy.

Share icon Share

You can share all of the items you find in the Trove Digital Library via social media. We advise checking the copyright status of every item before sharing, downloading or printing.

Navigating between images

Images may be part of a collection. To navigate between images in a collection click the left or right arrows above the viewer. To go to the collection home page or cover page click on the up arrow. If you are viewing a collection with a title page, select the down arrow to navigate to the first image in the collection.Image of the Trove picture viewer with arrows pointing to navigation buttons

Browsing a collection of images

You can browse to other images in the collection in a number of ways. If you are on the collection homepage (below) you can view the extent of the collection. There is also a button to ‘Browse this collection’ and a ‘Browse’ link at the top of each page.

Image of the Trove picture homepage with arrows pointing to Browse option


Clicking on the green ‘Browse this collection’ button or the ‘Browse’ link at the top of the page will open the browse panel.

Image of the Trove picture viewer with browse panel open

At the top of the browse panel there are controls to navigate through the collection. Click on any of the image thumbnails to view the image in the viewer. You can return to the browse panel at any time, by clicking on the 'Browse' link.

Finding Australian pictures in Trove

Trove contains records for millions of Australian pictures. These picture records have been contributed by organisations as diverse as the National Library of Australia, Monument Australia, the Bega Pioneer's Museum and the Trove Flickr group, Australia in Pictures.

To find Australian pictures online follow these simple steps

  1. Click on the Pictures, photos, objects zone
  2. Tick the ‘Available online’ check box under the main search box
  3. Tick the ‘Australian content’ check box under the main search box
  4. Type your keyword into the search box and click search

Using the Advanced Search form:

  1. Type your keyword into the first search box
  2. Tick the ‘Australian content’ check box
  3. Click on the drop down menu next to Format and choose ‘Photograph’
  4. Clickon the drop down menu next to Availability and choose ‘Online’
  5. Click search

Getting pictures

Request a digital or printed copy

For some items, including those held by the National Library of Australia, you may request a digital or printed copy of the item. For items in our collection, this service is known as “Copies Direct” and will incur a fee. Copyright restrictions apply and you may only be able to obtain a copy of part of the item.

To use this service, find the edition or version you wish to request.

Click on the “Buy” tab for that edition/version.

Click on the Copies Direct logo (example shown below).

There is more information at the Copies Direct Help page on how to get a copy.