The Books zone includes: 

The National Library’s collection includes significant Australian works such as Dorothy Wall's Blinky Bill, the quaint little Australian, John Gould's The mammals of Australia and The Draft bill to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia 1898. There are also books digitised in collaboration with other collecting agencies.


The viewer allows for small adjustments to the image to make viewing easier, including: 2-page view, viewing all pages, zooming in, rotating and expanding the image to full screen as well as viewing the image in more detail.

Image of the Trove book viewer


The controls for viewing content are located below the image in the viewer.

Table of controls for using the viewer


Details icon Details

Details provides you with the catalogue information of the item you are viewing. Under the Details option you will find information including author, title and the shelf location of the hard copy.

Copyright icon Copyright

Many items in the Trove Digital Library collection are still in copyright. You can view the copyright status of an item, including the reason for this status under the copyright option. This information is a guide only, the item you are viewing may be subject to additional agreements relating to use and reproduction. If you would like further information on the status of any item, please use the link to Trove’s ‘Contact us’ form.

Contents icon Contents

The Contents option provides a list of content with links to specific pages and articles with the publication. This option is only available for items with electronically translated (below) text available. 

Search icon Search

You can use search to find keywords within a journal. This option is only available for items with electronically translated (below) text available. 

Text icon Electronically translated text

The electronically translated text of the document is available for a limited number of items. As the text is electronically generated it may contain some errors. It is not currently possible to correct text in the Trove Digital Library collections.

Cite icon Cite

Click on the cite option to find the citation style that best suits your work. You can copy and paste any citation into your document. Citations are automatically generated so may require some modification. You need to be consistent when citing article in a report or assignment, only use one type of citation method once you have started your project.

Download icon Download

You can download most items as a PDF file, JPG file or a set of JPG files; for items with electronically translated text you may also have the option to download a TXT file. Select the pages you want to download by clicking ‘All’ or, ‘Current’, you can also choose a range of pages to download using the slide tool. Page numbers relate to the number at the top of the viewer, not the page number in the viewer.

Order icon Order

You can order a copy of a journal or selected pages.  All copy orders are referred to the National Library’s Copies Direct service. If an item is in copyright you may only be able to receive a portion of a work or, you may require permission from the copyright holder to obtain a copy. Select the pages you want to order clicking ‘All’ or, ‘Current’, you can also choose a range of pages using the slide tool. Page numbers relate to the number at the top of the viewer, not the page number in the viewer.

Share icon Share

You can share all of the items you find in the Trove Digital Library via social media. We advise checking the copyright status of every item before sharing, downloading or printing.

Browsing the pages of a book

You can browse to specific pages in the collection using the ‘Browse’ link at the top of the page, click on this link to open the browse panel. From the browse panel select the page you would like to view to skip to that page

Image of the Trove book viewer with browse panel open

Browsing multi-volume books

Multi volume books have a homepage where you can access each volume.

Image of a Trove book homepage

Select either ‘Browse’ or the green ‘Browse this collection’ button to open the browse screen for a multi volume book and see which volumes are available.

Image of the Trove book viewer with browse panel open

From the browse screen you can:

  • select the volume thumbnail image to view that volume in the viewer;
  • select the green button showing the number of ‘children’ (pages) to browse the pages in that volume; or
  • select the ‘Browse’ option at the top of the page to return to the homepage for the multi volume book.

Getting books

Trove’s aggregates collections from multiple sources, which means not all books are available the same way. Some books are digitised and available online from the National Library’s digital collection, and are available via the online viewer above. Some books will be available online elsewhere. Some books will be available for borrowing, or purchasing, from your local library or bookshop. 

To locate a book in a library or bookstore, you first need to conduct a search for the title. You then need to click on the hyperlinked title in the results screen to view the record.

eg. A search for 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' returns the following record first:

By default you will be shown any copies that are available online or in the Libraries you have chosen as 'My libraries'. By clicking 'All Libraries' beneath 'Available From' you will be presented with a list of every library that holds the item. You will need to contact these libraries directly, or ask your local public library to perform an InterLibrary Loan on your behalf.

By clicking the 'Buy a copy' tab you will be presented with a list of book sellers. These were automatically searched and have an edition available for purchase. If this is blank you may need to try contacting the publisher, a local bookseller or second hand bookshop in your area for further assistance. Online bookshops and book search databases may also be helpful.

You may also see the green 'Copies direct' link on the 'Buy a Copy' tab. By clicking this you can order a scanned or photocopied copy of the item in the National Library's collection to be sent to you.

Lower down you can click the small '+' (plus sign) next to each version to expand the edition and receive more detailed information such as ISBN and Series.

Using books

Citing a book

Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to cite material that has been found online, but in Trove it’s a click of a button.

To cite an item in Trove:

  1. Navigate to the book record you would like to cite
  2. Scroll to the ‘Edition details’ section of the record
  3. Click on the ‘Cite this’ button
  4. A pop up screen will be displayed with examples of commonly used citation styles, copy the citation that is most appropriate.

We recommend that you use the ‘Work Identifier’ rather than the URL as the URL is subject to change.

**All citations are automatically generated and may require some modification to conform to exact standards.

Linking to a book

The URL found in the address bar when viewing a work in Trove is bookmarkable. e.g.

This and other links can be found under “cite this” when looking at a particular version/edition.