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The Trove team will be on holiday for the Christmas and New Year period from December 21, 2018.

Enquiries can still be submitted during this time, and you will receive a response by January 14, 2019.

The Trove team will be unavailable over the Easter break from Friday 30th March to Monday 2nd of April.

Enquiries sent during this time will be answered as soon as possible on our return.

The contact form is not currently available.

We are currently working on getting it fixed, please check back soon!

We are aware of current technical issues with the Trove website.

We are currently working on fixing these issues.

Service Charter - March to July 2020

Due to an increased focus on critical projects, including upgrading our oldest compactus, essential building works, and transitioning to new collection delivery arrangements there may be a delay in responding to requests. We will try to respond in the timeframes outlined in our Service Charter. Responding to offers of archival collections will take significantly longer.