FAQs: Searching, finding or getting a copy

FAQ: How can I find something in a newspaper?

Trove provides online access to over 1300 digitised newspaper titles!
(Please note that most newspaper titles are not digitised past 1954 due to copyright law).

If the newspaper you want isn’t digitised, Trove can help you find where to go for the print or microfilm copy, or you can partner with Trove to digitise a newspaper!


FAQ: How can I find something else?

Use the search box and advanced search function to look for things in Trove.


FAQ: How can I get a copy of something I've found in Trove?

Trove brings together records describing items from collections in many different libraries and other institutions - Trove does not manage or hold any of the items.

Some of the items described on Trove can be accessed online, but not all.

Trove records also show you where you can borrow or buy items from an institution that holds it.