Becoming a partner

How do things get into Trove?

Trove is an online service developed by the National Library of Australia, which brings together records describing items from collections in many different libraries and other institutions. Trove does not manage or hold any of the items.

Collections can come to Trove two different ways. Records from collections that already exist online can be harvested regularly into Trove as a content partnership. Organisations can also work with the National Library of Australia to digitise their collections, and have the resources display within Trove.

How can I contribute a collection?

New partners are always welcome - the first step is: contact us!

In this section, there is information about guidelines and pathways for both content partnerships and digitisation partnerships, as well as general re-use and licensing and other resources.

Our recent Trove Roadshows shared a wealth of information on partnering with Trove. Watch the video presentation on our Trove Roadshows page.

Trove Partners eNews

Trove publishes an email newsletter every 2 months containing items that may be of interest to current and prospective partners. This includes promotion of new partnerships and collections, as well as information on the ways these collections come into Trove.

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