Rights Statements

Rights Statements

There will always be collection items that cannot be marked as out of copyright or given a Creative Commons Licence. They may still be in copyright or have perpetual copyright, or there might be a special donor agreement. While Creative Commons Licences and Out of Copyright statements are the best for encouraging re-use, it can be good to specify other kinds of rights associated with an item in a standard way as well. Standardised statements help users better understand what they can and can’t use.

The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) and Europeana have set up a project called RightsStatements.org to examine how rights might be better expressed, and streamline metadata from lots of different institutions. 12 standardised rights statements have been created for cultural heritage works, and these can be accessed on the RightsStatements.org website. These statements do not cover all copyright situations, but do include such complexities as out of copyright items that have associated donor agreements. 

Future Enhancements to Trove

Currently there are thousands of different rights and licence statements from the hundreds of organisations who contribute their content to Trove. If we can standardise this metadata, we can provide users with new ways to find your content. From 2020 Trove will offer a search based on rights. Users will be able to limit their searches to items that they can reuse, or items that are out of copyright.

This data is already available via the Trove API.

Possible values are: