Legal Deposit and Trove

Electronic publications and legal deposit

In Australia, legal deposit requires publishers to deposit publications with the National Library of Australia and the state or territory library where the publisher is based. In 2019 these libraries have joined forces to create a National edeposit (NED) service where Australian publishers deposit their electronic publications centrally.

Electronic publications deposited include books, journals, magazines, newsletters, reports, music scores and maps. They also include electronic government publications.

When depositing electronic publications, publishers select the access they will provide. Limits about what electronic publications are freely available will usually be based on copyright, or rights holder’s decisions about how their works may be used.

How can I tell which electronic publications have been legally deposited?

Look for the call number National edeposit collection. In Trove this is displayed in the top right-hand corner in both the ebook and pdf viewers.

What can I do with edeposit books that are available in Trove?

You can read online or, if the download button Download tab icon is visible you can download a copy. All options are shown under the heading Access Conditions on the main page for the ebook.

ebook title record

How do I navigate the ebooks?

Use the grey arrows, or scroll bar on the right to move through the pages.

The green arrow at the top can be used to move through the different layers in Trove. It won’t help you turn the pages.

Book cover image 

Full screen viewing is available by selecting the double arrow icon Fullscreen icon in the right hand corner.

How do I browse the edeposit journals, magazines, newsletters and reports that are available in Trove?

Look for the large green browse button on the collections page, 'Browse this collection' green icon or the small black browse button Black Browse button.

How do I navigate the edeposit journals, magazines, newsletters and reports?

Two buttons will help you navigate:

  1. The icon that looks like a folder: Grey folder icon near the top left corner
  2. The double arrows Double arrows icon over on the right hand side

Screenshot of an eBook on a tablet


Both these buttons will give you numerous options to search, select and navigate within the document.