Viewing and citing articles

Guide to the Sidebar

Use the sidebar to access information about the digitised newspaper or gazette you are viewing. The sidebar is located on the left hand side of the page.


 Details icon 


Citation information for the article or page you are currently viewing. There are several examples of citation styles that are currently preferred by many educational institutions.

 Page articles icon 

Page articles

When in page view the page articles button will appear to allow you to browse the articles on the current page

 Article text icon 

Article Text

The electronically translated text for the article. This can be edited using the Trove text correction functions by clicking on the pen icon that appears as you wave over the text.

 Annotations icon  


A complete collection of all comments and tags on the article as well as the lists in which the articles has been collected.

 Tags icon  


A tag is a short descriptive term that you can easily associate with the article. Tags are useful in marking out names or events using common terminology.

 List icon  


Lists in which this article or page appears (to view your private lists you must be logged in to Trove)

 Comments icon 


A note relating to the article that provides additional context for other Trove users. Comments can also be used to highlight issues with the text or suggestions for further research.

 Download icon 


Save the article, page, issue, book, image or map as a file to your device.

 Buy icon 


Purchase a higher quality copy of the article from the holding library.

 Share icon 


Share via your social media networks.

 Print icon 


Print a copy of the page or article.

 Display settings icon 

UI (Display) Settings

Customise the user interfaces including background colours, font size in the article text pane and your favourite zoom level.

 Layout icon 

Toggle Layout

Change the display location of the article text pane from the left column to a row at the bottom of the screen.

Set your display settings

You can modify and save the appearance of the text correction pane using the display settings option in your sidebar. To modify your display profile click on the display settings Display settings icon icon and select your preferred font, zoom level and background colour, then click on the display setting icon to close the box. These settings are now saved as your display profile. To change your display profile, click on the display setting icon and change your settings.

Toggle Layout

You can change the orientation of the Trove viewer so that it appears above the article text pane. To change the orientation of the viewer select the ‘Toggle Layout’ icon Toggle layout icon in the sidebar, this will move the article text under the viewer so that you have a wider view. If you want to return to the original orientation select the ‘Toggle Layout’ icon again.

Using the article viewer in digitised newspapers or gazettes

The article viewer allows zooming, panning and rotation of an article or entire page. You can maximise the image for viewing purpose or change the layout of the article text pane to suit your editing preferences.


The zoom tools are located in the top left hand corner of the article viewer, use zoom in Zoom in icon or out Zoom out icon buttons to zoom in or out. There are other ways to zoom in the article viewer

  • Mouse: If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse you can use it to adjust the zoom level. Pull the wheel towards you to zoom out, push the wheel away to zoom in.
  • Zoom to full page: To view the full page in the article viewer, click the page button Full page icon.
  • Favourite zoom: You can set your favourite zoom level if you are logged in to Trove. To modify your favourite zoom level click on the user interface settings button in the sidebar. In the ‘Favourite Zoom’ drop down set your favourite zoom level,  then set your preference for the zoom level ‘When first opening an article’.
  • The image you are viewing will remain in the centre of the page; use the favourite zoom button Favourite zoom icon  to change to your favourite zoom level 



The maximise tool is located in the top right hand corner of the article viewer Maximise icon. Click on the tool to expand the image to full screen. While in full screen you can only zoom, rotate or move the article. To go back to the article viewer screen click tool again.


Panning (move the image around the screen):

  • Click and hold to drag the image around.
  • Double click on the image to centre on that point and zoom in.
  • Use the navigator in the bottom right hand corner of the article viewer by clicking on a point on the page to jump to it or drag the red box to the point on the page to see it in the article viewer. The navigator can be minimised to or maximised by clicking on the icon in the bottom right hand corner


The rotate function allows you to change the orientation of the image in the article viewer; this will rotate the entire page. Select one of the rotate buttons with the article viewer   to rotate the entire page clockwise Rotate clockwise icon or counter-clockwise Rotate anti clockwise icon.


Re-sizing and hiding the Article text pane

  • Hover you mouse over the bar dividing the article text pane and the article viewer, a double-headed arrow will appear.
  • When the double headed arrow is visible, click and drag the bar to the desired width.
  • You can hide the article text pane by clicking on the ‘Article text’ Article text icon button in the side bar. Click the button again to access the article text pane.

Next/Previous article

Next Previous icon 

You can browse articles using the previous/next arrow buttons. This will skip the article viewer forward or back one article at a time. When in whole page mode the previous/next buttons will move the article viewer forward or back one page at a time. Once you select an article on the page the previous/next buttons will take you forward or back one article again.


Browsing with the article viewer

At the top of the article viewer you will see a breadcrumb trail, each of these items are active links to assist with browsing the title:

Breadcrumb icon 

If you click on the browse or title link the browse panel will open. If you click on the date, page or article type you will be given the option to go to the next or previous article as well as opening the browse window.


Text correction counter

Text correction counter icon

You can review the complete history of text correction for any article using the text correction counter. Clicking on the icon will show the latest modifications the date they were modified and the user that made the modifications.

View entire page or just an article

View entire page icon

If you have finished viewing or editing an article you can select to browse the whole page. When browsing a page the page articles column will show all available articles. Click on an article title to highlight, view or edit the text. 



Multi-page articles

Some articles and advertisements will be printed across two or more pages. The text for all pages will appear in the article text pane. At the bottom left of the article viewer you will see all the pages relating to the article as a thumbnail. To navigate between pages click on the thumbnail of the page you want to view.


Due to the nature of the OCR process, tables may appear in the transcription as either each line read left-to-right across the entire table or as columns one after another. Correct tables as they have been originally created – if the table has been transcribed as left-to-right across the lines use '|' to separate columns.


Illustrations are images that appear within a newspaper or a gazette. These include photographs, drawings, graphs and cartoons. An illustration will appear in the article text pane as a small box:

Image icon

To highlight the image click on the Illustration box in the article text pane.

Poor quality articles

Pages that appear in Trove have been digitised from a microfilm copy, Trove pages will reflect the quality of the microfilm. As newspapers and gazettes are scanned in large batches it is not technically feasible to replace individual pages that appear in Trove. This means that we cannot replace a poor quality page, even if it is possible to find a better quality copy of the original.

How to cite an article or title

To cite an article

The articles available through Trove should be cited as electronic reproductions. We recommend that you use the Article Identifier

  1. Navigate to the article you would like to cite
  2. Click on the ‘Details’ button Details icon  in the sidebar.
  3. The Details column will display examples of commonly used citation styles, copy the citation that is most appropriate and paste it into your document.

To cite a page

  1. Navigate to the page you would like to cite, if you are viewing an article ‘View all articles on this page’ link at the top of the article text pane.
  2.  Click on the ‘Details’ button in the sidebar.
  3. The Details column will display examples of commonly used citation styles, copy the citation that is most appropriate and paste it into your document.

To cite a title

If you are currently viewing an article or page:

  1. Move you mouse over the title in the breadcrumb trial above the article viewer.
  2. Click on ‘View title info’
  3. A Details page will appear with examples of commonly used citation styles, copy the citation that is most appropriate.

If you are browsing:

  1. Select ‘Title’ in the ‘Browse by’ column of the browse panel, in the ‘Titles A-Z’ column select, the first letter of the title you want to cite.
  2. A list of titles will be displayed.  Move your mouse to above the title you want and select the small  icon which appears to the right of the title.
  3. A pop up screen will be displayed. In the pop up screen, select the link next to 'Cite this title'.
  4. A Details page will appear with examples of commonly used citation styles, copy the citation that is most appropriate.