Digitisation partner guidelines

Why partner with us?

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The National Library of Australia is a leader in the digitisation and innovative online delivery of Australian heritage for all Australians.

We have successfully partnered with over 100 organisations such as libraries, historical societies, universities, schools, businesses, local councils, faith, cultural and community groups as well as individuals since 2010 to digitise various publications.

We provide end-to-end support for digitising, managing, preserving, delivering and supporting the discovery and engagement with Australian newspapers, journals and books now and into the future:

  • All newspapers, journals and books are fully text-searchable and ways to refine results are supported. Content can be searched and discovered in the context of other Australian newspapers, journals and books.
  • Newspapers, journals and books are digitised in a standard format which supports long-term preservation and ongoing access.
  • Having newspapers, journals and books digitised to Trove is the best way to ensure they reach a national audience. Trove offers outstanding support for discovery and engagement with Australian heritage, bringing together millions of Australian and online resources from libraries, museums, archives and other organisations.
  • On Trove, users can easily find related information in a range of other formats such as pictures, maps and sound recordings while searching newspapers, journals and books.
  • Trove offers tools for users to discover and engage with data. Newspapers can be enriched through subject tagging, text correction and annotations.
  • All digitisation partners are recognised on our Trove website. We can also provide tools for visitors to your website to search Trove content in a variety of ways.
  • We can also digitise to Trove your other collection materials, such as maps, manuscripts and pictorial material. 

The digitisation process

  Image of two people selecting printed journals in the National Library reading room  Image of two people viewing a digitised journal on a computer in the National Library reading room

Books and journals
The digitisation process for books and journals generally involves digitally scanning the volumes using our efficient automatic books scanner, although for material which is fragile, large format or includes other special features, more specialised equipment is used.

In the case of newspapers, if a newspaper has been microfilmed, the most efficient approach is to scan the master copy of the microfilm. Newspaper master microfilm is generally held in the relevant state or territory library.

The next stage of digitisation is performing content analysis and applying Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to the scanned content. This requires specialised knowledge, skills and systems support.

The digitisation process
The digitisation process involves consistent application of specifications, quality assurance of the digital images and text generated by OCR processing, as well as providing storage and management of large volumes of data for ongoing access.

For these reasons, please get in touch with us if you are planning to undertake a digitisation project so that we can discuss the standards required for Trove. We prefer to undertake the scanning and OCR processing on behalf of contributing organisations, with funds transferred to the Library to cover the costs of the work. This approach has the following advantages:

  • Digitisation partners can make use of the established information technology infrastructure and specialist knowledge of the technical requirements developed at the Library
  • Efficient workflows are used, ensuring that specifications and standards that underpin Trove are met
  • Digitisation partners can benefit from volume discounts, established processes and relationships which the National Library has with scanning and OCR contractors 

You can read descriptions of our guidelines for hardcopy newspaper digitisation and journal digitisation, or contact us for more details. 

Contact us about digitising content

To discuss opportunities for digitising content to Trove, please contact:

Trove Outreach (Digitisation) 
National Library of Australia
(02) 6262 1005