Articles in newspapers and gazettes are assigned to broad content categories to help narrow down searching. By default articles are assigned just one category. The basic categories for each are:

Newspapers Gazettes
  • Article
  • Advertising
  • Detailed Lists, Results, Guides
  • Family Notices
  • Literature
  • Government Gazette Notices
  • Government Gazette Private Notices
  • Government Gazette Tenders And Contracts
  • Government Gazette Appointments And Employment
  • Government Gazette Proclamations and Legislation
  • Government Gazette Budgetary Papers
  • Government Gazette Freedom Of Information
  • Government Gazette Index And Contents
Additional newspaper article categories available  
  • News
  • Humour
  • Editorial
  • Letters
  • Obituaries
  • Reviews
  • Arts And Culture
  • Commerce And Business
  • Puzzles
  • Law, Courts And Crime
  • Official Appointments And Notices
  • Shipping Notices
  • Display Advertisement
  • Classified Advertisements And Notices
  • Sport And Games
  • Weather


You can add further categories to an article from the relevant list where needed. For example, if another category is a better fit, or if more than one category would apply to an article and would be helpful in searching.

Add a category to an article

  1. When viewing an article click on the ‘Categories’ Categories button in the side bar. The original category for the article and any that have been added are displayed.
  2. Click Add button
  3. Select the relevant category from the available list and select 'Save' to apply the category to the article.

All categories added are public.

Removing a category

  1. You may only delete categories you added yourself as a registered user.
  2. Click on the 'Categories' button as above to see the categories for an article.
  3. To remove a category you have previously applied, click the large 'X' next to the category.