Direct bulk download

On Trove, we offer direct bulk download on a small number of digitised journals and gazettes. Available to everyone, you do not need a Trove API access key to download.

• Australian Aborigines Advocate (1908-1928)
• Australian Government Gazettes (1832-1968)

Package contents
Files are made available on AARNet’s CloudStor service.

Each bulk download package includes:
• an overview README file including suggested citations and an overview of the file format;
• a single XML file of the data set;
• JSON files of the data set (limited to 100,000 records per file).

Publicising your work
We are always keen to hear about any work you’ve done with these bulk downloads, even if your research was unsuccessful. Our contact form is the best way to notify the team, include your name, area of research and don’t forget to mention that you used the bulk download.