Application gallery

People are using the Trove API to create all sorts of new tools, interfaces, and visualisations. Here are a few examples. If you know of any others, please let us know.

Culture Collage

Culture Collage displays search results from Trove, DigitalNZ, Europeana, the DPLA and others as a river of images. You can compare collections and save your discoveries in scrapbooks.


Drifter is a multilayered portrait of the Murrumbidgee river system, made out of data. Historic images, newspaper articles, scientific observations and digital maps; tens of thousands of data points come together in three ever-changing views.

Europeana 1914-1918

Europeana 1914-1918 provides a federated search across European, American, New Zealand, and Australian collections relating to WWI.

Exploring Manly Local Studies Image Library

An experimental web interface to the Manly Local Studies Image collection – a set of around 7000 images that document the history of the Manly area from the 1800s to the 1990s. The interface lets you explore the collection by title or decade. Its aim is to provide a rich, engaging overview of the collection, and encourage exploration and discovery without the use of search.

Eyes on the past

Screen capture from Eyes on the Past

Eyes on the past is an experimental interface to the digitised newspapers on Trove. It uses object detection technologies to pick out faces and eyes from newspaper pages and presents a random selection for exploration.

The Front Page

The Front Page lets you explore changes in the design and function of newspapers – the big stories haven't always been on the front page.

The future of the past

The future of the past is an experimental discovery interface highlighting the evocative power of words. Explore newspaper articles, and make your own Tweetable fridge poetry.


Screen capture of GlamMap

GlamMap is a geo-spatial visualization tool that allows users to visualize geo-referenced metadata of cultural heritage artifacts on an interactive, two-dimensional geographic map.

Headline Roulette

Headline Roulette is a simple game that tests your historical mettle. Presented with a random newspaper article from Trove, can you guess the year in which it was published? It might sound easy, but beware – you only have 10 guesses. For feline fanciers there's also a special cat edition.

In a word: Currents in Australian affairs, 2003-2013

Screen shot of In a Word

In a word investigates patterns in stories broadcast on ABC Radio's current affairs programs – AM, PM and The World Today. One word per month is selected from each program through a statistical measure known as TF-IDF. What can you read in a single word?

Find out more on the Trove blog.

Locate Trove newspapers

Screen capture from site

An early experiment in providing some sort of place-based interface to Trove newspapers. Just enter a place name and state and it will attempt return the ten nearest newspaper titles to that location.


Graph of word frequenciesQueryPic provides a new way of seeing, searching and understanding the digitised newspapers made available by Trove and Papers Past.

Research Trends - Exploring Australian Theses, 1950-2012

Research Trends is an experimental interface that uses metadata about Australian theses to explore changes over time in Australian research.


Screen capture of Seabo

Seabo is a serendipitous image browser which contains images that are known to be open access, out of copyright, shareable and reusable. These images can be reused and shared, so when you need an image to spruce up a presentation or to accompany a social media post you’ll be able to find something you can safely use without fear of breaching copyright.


Serendip-o-matic connects your sources to digital materials located in libraries, museums, and archives around the world. By first examining your research interests, and then identifying related content in locations such as Trove, the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), Europeana, and Flickr Commons, Serendip-o-matic helps you discover photographs, documents, maps and other primary sources.

Trove Collection Profiler

Screen cap from Collection Profiler

The Trove Collection Profiler is an experimental tool that helps you explore the many individual collections that are aggregated by Trove. Filter by institution, keyword and date, and then view resources over time and by format.

Trove is...

Screen capture of Trove Is...

Trove is big... really big. Trove is... provides a snapshot of Trove's current holdings, with statistics updated daily and an assortment of random samples.

Trove zone explorer

Screen capture of Trove zone explorer

The Trove zone explorer allows you to navigate Trove by zone and format. What sort of resource lives where?


Screen capture of TroveMosaicTroveMosaic is an experimental 'generous' interface for the Trove picture search. Enter a query, and it will build a mosaic from the top 500 records. Group the results by title, collection or decade for different views, and click an image to see it in its home collection.


TroveBot avatar

TroveBot is a Twitter bot that tweets random items from the millions of items in Trove that aren't newspaper articles. Tweet him a query and he'll search Trove for you. Full operating instructions are on GitHub.


TroveNewsBot avatar

TroveNewsBot is a Twitter bot that tweets random newspaper articles from Trove. Tweet keywords at him and he'll search Trove and reply with the most relevant result. He also offers automated commentary of major news stories from the ABC. More details are available on GitHub.


Vicfix is an initiative of State Library Victoria. They are using Trove’s API to organise newspaper articles in Trove into themes which they then invite their community to correct.


5% provides visualisations on digitised newspapers that have the most corrections, plots tags and comments for individual titles over time and highlights the more neglected papers.