Advanced search for digitised newspaper and gazettes

Advanced search for digitised newspaper and gazettes

For advanced search functions, click the drop down beside the search box from any page in the digitised newspapers or gazettes zone.

On the advanced search page you can specify how you want your keywords to be treated. You can choose one of these or a combination:

  • An ‘all words’ search (default for simple search);
  • A phrase search;
  • An ‘any word’ search;
  • A ‘without the word/s’ search; or

You can also apply a variety of limits to your search. These include:

  • Search scope (where your keywords should appear)
  • Indexes only (gazettes only)
  • Publication date
  • Issue number or range (gazettes only)
  • Page number or range (gazettes only)
  • State and titles
  • Article category
  • Article length
  • If the article is illustrated

Publication date

Publication dates must include a year, month and day. You can select a date by clicking the small calendar, or by manually entering it in the format year-month-day (yyyy-mm-dd). If you only include a date in the ‘from’ field you'll limit your search to all articles published after that date. To search for all articles published before a particular date, enter a value in the 'to' field, but leave the 'from' field blank.

States and titles

This tool allows you to limit your search to specific locations.

To select all the newspapers or gazettes published in a particular state check the box next to the state's name. You don't need to select every individual title in that state.

To limit your search to particular titles, click [SHOW TITLES] to view all the newspapers or gazettes published in a state. Check the box next to one or more titles to include them in your search. There is a limit of 200 individual titles per search, but you can avoid this by selecting a whole state instead.

To make selection easier, you can filter the list of titles displayed by keyword and date range. Click the link [SHOW FILTERS] to open up the filter options. 

Type a word or phrase in the 'Contains the words' box to only show titles containing that phrase. For example, entering 'herald' will limit the list to titles like the Sydney Morning Herald and the Colac Herald. As you type, the number of available titles in each state will change. To remove this filter click the small cross.

To filter the list of titles by the period in which they were published, enter a timeframe or drag the sliders to set a date range.

Once you've filtered the list you can select the titles you want to include in your search either individually or by state, as described above.

To come back to your Advanced Search and modify it, click on the 'Refine Search' link. It appears next to the number of search results. 'Refine Search' will repopulate the Advanced Search form with all the same text and limits you previously applied.


Image of Trove search with refine search option circled