Web cataloguing

What is the web cataloguing form?

The Libraries Australia web cataloguing form can be accessed from Libraries Australia Search. It allows libraries to create bibliographic records as well as add, edit and delete library holdings in the Australian National Bibliographic Database. Web Cataloguing form supports input of Latin 1 characters only; diacritics and special characters cannot be input.

Who can use the web cataloguing form?

Libraries Australia customers with a cataloguing sign on can access the web cataloguing form. You can only add, edit and delete the holdings of your own library. If you would like to contribute bibliographic records to the Australian National Bibliographic Database using the web cataloguing form, please contact the Libraries Australia Help Desk and ask for a cataloguing sign on.

Libraries Australia cataloguing standards

Details of the Libraries Australia cataloguing standards are available here: http://www.nla.gov.au/librariesaustralia/standards.html
The standard for descriptive cataloguing used in Libraries Australia is Resource Description and Access. Please use these tools when determining the bibliographic content of the record.

For full descriptions of the data elements that are supported in the Web Cataloguing interface consult the MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data Standards.