Uploading files to the Record Import Service

Select an appropriate reception profile for your file from the Reception Profile list.  Reception profiles will vary depending on what has been set up for your library. Only HTTP reception profiles are available from the Libraries Australia Administration website. Select the reception profile which is suitable for the format of the file you are uploading. Files may be submitted in full MARC, abbreviated MARC, non MARC or Inmagic format.

Note that the maximum size of files which can be uploaded via this web page is 10 MB

Select the file to be uploaded to the Record Import Service server by browsing in your PC. 

You may add a comment in the comment box if you wish.

Click on the Upload button to send your file to the Australian National Bibliographic Database.

The system will respond with:

Upload file - please wait

Your file ‘…' was successfully received.

Upload file - file now received

You must click here now to finalise the upload processing

Click to complete the upload process.