Statefulness / remembered settings

Statefulness is where Libraries Australia Search remembers what settings users have chosen. The user does not have to go to a separate form and choose options to be remembered as defaults, the system will simply remember what they used last.

When a user accesses a page for the first time, the page will revert to the default settings. (This will also happen for various settings if the user accesses the screen from a new PC; or has deleted their cookies and has no backup settings for the user account; or chooses to reset the advanced search form; or their session cookie has expired.) Once a user starts using Libraries Australia, the system remembers their personal preferences using "statefulness" and the usual defaults are overridden.

A variety of statefulness levels will be used. For example the databases chosen for searching will be remembered as long as a user is on the same PC. The fields selected in the advanced search form will only be remembered for the current session.

Where different people use the same shared account default settings set by a persistent cookie as identified above will be different but the features that are set on the login, like the favourite libraries, will be the same. If you require additional logins please contact the Libraries Australia helpdesk.

Default settings are the same for all users.