Search history

The Search History screen shows the previous search queries that you have performed during an active session in Libraries Australia Search. The number of searches performed during the active session is indicated in brackets next to the Search history heading at the top of the page. When you log out the Search History is cleared.

For each search query that you have undertaken, the Search History screen will show the date and time of your search, your search query, the database/s you searched and the number of hits (results) for each database.

At the right-hand side of each query are three action buttons – Search, Edit, and Save. Each of these functions is described below:


Selecting Search reexecutes search and return to the Search results screen;


Displays the original search in the same search screen that you used for the original query. For example, if you entered a query from the Advanced search screen, you will be returned to the Advanced search screen, allowing you to edit your query.


Ensures that the information relating to your query is saved in the Saved searches screen.

The ‘Clear Search History’ button located at the top of the page under the heading ‘Search history’, allows you to clear all of the search queries you have conducted during an active Libraries Australia session.

When you exit Libraries Australia, your search history is cleared. To save searches for later use see Saved Searches.

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