Saved searches

The Saved Searches screen contains all queries saved by you during this and previous Libraries Australia Search sessions. The number of saved searches is indicated in brackets next to the Saved searches heading at the top of the page.

For each search that you have saved, the Saved searches screen will show your search query, the database/s you searched and the number of hits (results) for each database.

At the right-hand side of each query are three buttons – Search, Edit, and Remove. Each of these functions is described below:


Enables you to execute the search and return to the Search results screen.


Displays the original search in the same search screen that you used for the original query. For example, if you entered a query from the Advanced Search screen, you will be returned to the Advanced Search screen, allowing you to edit your query.


Enables you to delete an individual query.

The ‘Clear Saved Searches’ button located at the top of the page under the heading ‘Saved Searches’  allows you to clear all of your saved queries.

You should periodically delete the queries you no longer require from this file.
Please note that the maximum number of saved searches that a user login account may have saved is 100.