Request form - Copy or Loan

Filling in copyright details on the request form

When ordering a copy, you must legally fill out the copyright details and declare that you are the person whose name and address is specified on the form.
You have three options of why you wish to copy the item:

  1. I will use the copy only for the purposes of research or study, will not use it for any other purpose, and declare that it has not previously been supplied by an authorised officer of the library. I declare that I am the person whose name and address is specified below. I understand that, for unpublished material, I may need to get permission from the copyright owner before the copy can be supplied.
  2. I will publish, copy, quote, perform or display the material described above. I warrant that it is out of copyright or that I have been granted permission from the copyright owner to do so.
    I will use the material described above for the following purpose: [you must fill in details here of how you will use the material]

If the item you request is in copyright, according to the Australian Copyright Act 1968, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner(s) if the copy you request is for publishing, copying, quoting, performing or displaying. The copyright owners could be the publisher, author, donor, composer, interviewee, etc of the work.

If you are unsure of any of the above, please see your librarian.

Formats you can request

If you have elected to request a copy, the item may also be available in a number of formats (eg CD Rom, Electronic copy, etc). For details on the formats available for this item, consult your librarian.