Record Import Service error reports

On the Load Reports page you can view detailed statistics on the results of loading your organisation’s files to the Australian National Bibliographic Database, regardless of whether the files were sent via FTP or via HTTP.

You can view the results of loading over a specified date range by entering dates in the From and To boxes, or to view statistics for a particular file enter its name in the File name box. Then click on List.

Records rejected during loading can be viewed or downloaded to your PC for correction and resubmission. Rejected record files are available in three formats:

  • MARC records without error messages (MARC format)
  • a full view with error messages for each record (detailed text)

Rejected record files will be automatically deleted from the Libraries Australia FTP server after 90 days.

What the error messages mean

Error Message


Tag 850 missing

Either the record lacks a correctly formatted 984 holdings Tag


The record was errored off before the presence of the holdings tag was checked

Tag 040 missing

No 040 field in record


In file from OCLC, record has value "OCL" in 040 $a

Error in PU8_ValidUtf8String(): title contains invalid UTF8.


Error during FCV conversion FCVE_ILLEGAL_NORMAL_TITLE.

Record contains invalid characters or control characters (for example line feed carriage return characters) This can also be caused by loading a MARC-8 files as UTF-8 or vice versa). Or possibly a field length limit has been reached in CBS usually by an extraordinarily long note field.

Fatal error parsing record: org.marc4jv2.MarcException: Directory invalid.

The MARC record cannot be read usually because of a structural fault in the record.

N instances of tag XXX ++subfield Y

Duplicated subfield "Y" in tag XXX, the subfield should be unique

Serial record with latest entry flag rejectedY

The 008/34 character position of the record is coded 1 for latest entry convention in which a serial record is catalogued under its latest title with former titles given in notes.e

N instances of tag XXX.

The XXX field must be unique.

Tag 245 subfield a not found.

The 245 (Title) field must have an "a" subfield

The following unrecognised OCLC NUCs were read from 049: XXX

In files from OCLC, the value XXX in 049 tag does not have an entry in our NUC conversion table

Check for at least one tag from the list: 001,010,035,245 found NO tags.

The record must contain at least one of the listed tags.

Error in PPFromNormal(): PPE_FORMAT

Mismatch in numbering of parallel fields, e.g. "1" instead of "01":

100 1 6 880-1

880 1 6 100-01

Tag 880 subfield 6 not found.

Incorrectly structured 880 tag:

880 1 a 100-01

No instances of tag 008

The record must contain a 008


008 has only minimal content, e.g. 100514n xx 000 0 und d