Record display

  • Brief views of the records are displayed and are listed in sets under each database searched.  The name of the database appears at the top of the relevant list with the total number of records found in that database
  • When searching on one database only, if the search results is more than 20 records, only the first 20 records will be displayed on the screen.  You can change the number of records to 10, 50, 100 or 200.  The system remembers this preference using Statefulness.
  • When searching on more than one database, if the search results is more than 10 records for an individual database, only the first 10 records for each database are displayed on the screen. Select the View all records button for a specific database to see the record only for that database.
  • The Holdings column displayed to the right of the record details gives information about the number of libraries holding that item and if your library has a copy of the item eg. 33 including my library. It also indicates the number of your favourite libraries holding that item eg. ♥1.