Query builder

Query builder enables you to carry out a complex search using the full range of search indexes by guiding you to create a search query by selecting index codes and Boolean/proximity/relational operators and entering search terms.

  1. Select an appropriate index to search from the second drop down options box. For example, Name(NA), Title Keyword (TW), Subject Keyword (SW).
  2. Select a relational operator (=, >, < etc) from the third drop down options box.
  3. Input a word or phrase into the fourth text input box

By clicking the + button, your query is automatically added to the SOLR query input box and is displayed in the SOLR search syntax format. To see your results, you will need to click the Search button situated under the SOLR query input box.

If you wish to compile a more complex query by adding more queries to the SOLR query input box, you will need to repeat the process described above. A new search query will be added to the original query and is connected by the chosen Boolean Operator. The Boolean Operators are listed in the drop down options box and include "and" "or" and "not".
The Undo/Redo buttons located down the bottom of the screen can be used to remove or re-add items from the search query. The Reset button will clear the entire query.