Product order forms

The Order forms screen lists the products that can be ordered through Libraries Australia Administration.

Click on the record type and you will be taken to the order form for the product that you want to order.

  • Bibliographic records - Records which have had your holdings added or modified within a specified time period.
  • Authority records - Marc 21 records for Names, Titles, Subjects and Name/Titles.
  • Titles list - Text files listing the titles for which your library has holdings.
  • Electronic collection sets - Bibliographic records that relate to an electronic full text collection.
  • Microform collection sets - Bibliographic records that relate to collections of material on Microform held within Australian Libraries.
  • Customised files - Files of Bibliographic MARC 21 records extracted from the ANBD based on a file of ANBD numbers, ISBNs or ISSNs provided by the customer.