Permission From Copyright and Permissions Owners

Oral History, Manuscripts and other special collections: Access restrictions may have been set to protect privacy, or secret or sacred Indigenous content.

There are two circumstances where you may need permission from the copyright or permission owner.

If the item you request is in copyright, according to the Australian Copyright Act 1968, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner(s) if the copy you request is for publishing, copying, quoting, broadcasting, performing or displaying. The copyright owner could be the publisher, author, donor, composer, interviewee, painter, photographer, etc. of the work. Please send a copy of the copyright owner's permission with the order.

Secondly, in addition to copyright some published and unpublished material in the collection may have access restrictions. We will advise you on the receipt of your request if permission must first be obtained before a copy can be supplied.

For example:
Oral history collection - Copyright varies and may be held by the National Library; may be shared with the interviewee/performer or retained by the collector or commissioning body. Copyright owners set access conditions for research and public use of the material, and sometimes their permission is required.

  • Research use: allows reading, listening and making personal reference notes
  • Public use: to quote, paraphrase, broadcast, publish, disseminate, copy/reproduce or use in a public way (for example: talk/presentation, exhibition, publication, television or radio broadcast, use on a website).

Additional information on Copyright can be found on the Copyright Information page.

If you are not sure whether or not an item is in copyright, or you have any questions in relation to obtaining permission, please contact your local librarian.