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Record Export Service requirements

Actions to trigger record downloading

The trigger options are Export record, Add holding, Update holding and Delete holding.  You can check all or a combination of the triggers.  The triggers will apply to all users in your organisation who have Libraries Australia cataloguing access.

Character encoding

Allows you to choose one of the radio button options provided.  You can choose either Unicode or MARC8.  If your library system uses Unicode encoding, then select UNICODE.

 Output format 

  • Unblocked format

    In this format the output is not presented in blocks as with the unspanned format. The records appear in MARC format following on one after the other.

  • Unspanned format

    In unspanned USMARC files, each block of 2048 characters consists of no more than one logical record.  If the record is longer than 2048 characters it continues into the next block.  The next logical record will start in a new block.

Maximum record length

If your output format is UNBLOCKED then any maximum record length can be selected.  Check with your system vendor to see if there are any constraints on the length of records that can be accepted by your system.  Click on the radio button for the length required.

Record Export Service contact person

Please provide the details of the contact person for RES.

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