National Bibliographic Database (ANBD)

The Australian National Bibliographic Database (ANBD) is a large bibliographic database covering the collections of hundreds of Australian libraries. It is Australia’s largest single bibliographic resource with millions of entries for books, journals and items in other formats such as films, sound recordings, video recordings, maps, pictures, CDs, braille and talking books, large print books, music scores, computer files and electronic journals.

The ANBD contains bibliographic records from a number of sources including national cataloguing agency records from Australia and overseas and original cataloguing contributed by Australian libraries. These bibliographic records are supplemented by location information supplied by Australian libraries.

With over 50 million holdings recording the collections of over 1,200 Australian libraries, the ANBD enables users to locate material held all over Australia. This means greater access to information for all Australian library users through the provision of local and interlibrary lending.

The ANBD has been developed and maintained through the efforts of the Australian library community and the National Library since 1981. It is updated continuously with contributions of cataloguing and holdings from Australian libraries.