Both the Simple and Advanced search screens on Libraries Australia enable you to limit your searches to particular material types and/or categories or materials, by clicking on the box next to a particular category. You will be able to limit your searches to the following groups of records on the Australian National Bibliographic Database:

  • Australian* - limits your searches to material with Australian content
  • Online - includes the searching of both online full text and table of contents
  • Government - allows you to search for government publications only
  • Conference - allows you to search for conference publications only
  • Held in Australia - allows you to search only for those items held by Australian libraries
  • Books - allows you to search for books only
  • E-books - allows you to search for e-books only
  • Journals - enables you to search for journals, such as magazines
  • Newspapers - this category allows you to search for newspapers only
  • Manuscripts - allows you to limit your search to Manuscript collections
  • Theses - limits your searching to Theses
  • Musical Sound - limits your search to musical sound recordings
  • Non musical sound – limits your search to non musical sound recordings (e.g. interviews (Child limit of Non-musical sound))
  • Printed Music - limits your search to printed music
  • Talking Books - searches for talking books only
  • Pictures - limits your search to pictorial collections
  • Film/Video - allows you to search for film and video materials
  • Maps - allows you to search a number of map collections
  • Computer files - limits your search to computer files
  • Braille - limits your searching to braille materials
  • Large Print Books - limits your search to large print books only
  • Talking books – limits your search to talking books only

Please note that the default status for the checkboxes is "unticked". You do not have to tick a checkbox to submit a query. 

You may select on more than one checkbox. In effect, you are searching for records that are included in all collections associated with the checkboxes you ticked.

Example 1

Your actions: You tick the checkboxes for Books and government publication
The results: Your search is limited to books published by Australian and overseas governments

Note that there may be times when no records meet the criteria of being in all collections you nominated.

Example 2

Your actions: You tick the checkboxes for Books and Newspapers
The results: Your search returns results which are either books or newspapers.

*Australian limit- This will limit your search to any item that includes the Australian Content Indicator. The ACI is used in catalogue records where the author was born or has lived in Australia for a substantial period of time, the work is considered to have significant Australian content or if the work has been published in Australia.