Holdings screen

The holdings screen will have a red number at the top of the page. This number PICA PPN (PICA cataloguing system number). The PICA PPN number is the same as the ANBD number except that it has a check digit on the end of the number. You can find this exact record by searching on the ANBD number using the Number index in Advanced Search and removing the last (check) digit. The bibliographic record you have entered will appear on the screen.

Inserted: This is the date that the bibliographic record was created.

Modified: This is the date that the bibliographic record was last modified.

Status: This is the date that the bibliographic record was added to the ANBD.

NUC: This is the National Union Code of your library. The system will automatically populate the NUC field based on your user login. You do not need to enter any information into the NUC field.

Call no: This is the call number of the item you are cataloguing.

Local system no.: If your library has a local identifying number for this item, enter it here.

Serial volume nos: This is the volume number/s if you are entering a serial/journal.

Serial dates: These are the dates of the serial you are entering.

Completeness note: This is the completeness note for serials. (850$h)

Referral note: This is the referral note for serials. (850$k)

Retention period: This is the retention and guaranteed subscription note for serials. (850$x)

URI: The Uniform Resource ID field is to be used for URLs of electronic resources available only through local access. This is the 956 tag. For example, if your library only offers access to a particular electronic database for your patrons, and not all people, put the URL of this electronic resource in the URI field. The URI field will only be visible to your patrons. URLs for freely and/or widely available electronic resources should be included on the main web cataloguing form page under URL.

Once you have entered in the holdings screen information, click on the Save button.