Favourite libraries

Favourite libraries is available to all users to enable them to select any number of favourite libraries to recognise:

  • reciprocal libraries,
  • preferred libraries, or
  • libraries that they are affiliated with.

Favourite libraries is available to all users.

Favourite libraries are set to the login, so if multiple people use the same login they will have the same libraries set up in their favourite libraries.

A Favourite library is represented by a heart ♥ icon. In the search results a record will display a heart ♥ and number indicating the number of your favourite libraries that the item is held in.

Adding/ Removing Favourite libraries

1. Favourite libraries link

To access the favourite libraries screen, select the favourite libraries option from the black box that identifies you current login in the top right hand corner of the screen. 

Here you can find a library using keyword, phrase or Library NUC symbol searches.  You can also refine your search by limiting it to a specific location and/or library type.

In the results click on the plus symbol to the right of the library that you would like to add as a favourite and it is added to your favourite libraries table.

2. MARC or Full view of a record

You can also add a library to your list of ‘favourite libraries’ from the MARC or Full view of a record.

The Holdings table has a favourite column where a heart ♥ is displayed. The heart is black when you have marked the library as a favourite.

You can add other libraries as favourites by clicking on the grey hearts. Your mouse will change to a pointing hand and a small box with the words ‘Add to favourites’ will appear. The heart ♥ changing to black indicates that this library has been added to your favourites list.

To remove a library from your favourites list click on the heart ♥ of that library and the heart ♥ will disappear.