Exporting records and editing holdings

Edit holdings

The Edit holdings button will display on the full and MARC view screens of a bibliographic record if you have a cataloguing signon. Click on the Edit Holdings button if you wish to add, edit or delete your library's holdings for this bibliographic record.

If you wish to get a cataloguing signon, please contact the Libraries Australia Help Desk.

Export record

If you are registered for the Record Export Service, you will see the Export record button on the full and MARC views of a bibliographic record. The Record Export Service enables libraries to obtain MARC records from Libraries Australia Search via the Internet. Click on the Export record button to download these records into a file. This file can then be found in the Libraries Australia Administration system and downloaded to your local library system. If you wish to register for the Record Export Service please contact the Libraries Australia Help Desk.

Asian character display

If Asian characters appear as boxes in exported/downloaded CJK records, to view them you may need to install a unicode font that has the relevant characters.