Electronic collection sets order form

This form is used to order MARC records for one or more electronic full text collections sets.

Contact person for this request

Please provide all the details of the contact person as all emails about your product are sent to this person.

Electronic collection set 1

Name of set

Allows you to choose the radio button for the electronic collection set that you require.

Service type

Allows you to choose the radio button for either the base set, the base set and quarterly update or only the quarterly update.

Holding statement to be added to the record set ($850c)

Use this box to provide your holding statement. It should include information about the availability for document delivery, access conditions and so on, preceded by your library’s NUC symbol, for example, $aNSL$cAGIS: Online access for staff and students only. Not available for document delivery.

URL to be added to the record set (optional)

You have the option to add your library’s URL to an E-collection set. On the bibliographic records, this URL will appear with your library’s NUC symbol and the name of the set you have selected. If you chose not to include an institution specific URL for your library the bibliographic records will include the publisher's URLs. The URL will be added to the record set, for example, 856$xISD5:NSL$3Full text available from AGIS: Dec 1994 (No.26) - $u http://www.nla.gov.au/ecollections

Special instructions

Put any instructions in this box if you are not sure that this order will give you the records you want. A Libraries Australia staff member will call you to discuss the order before it is processed.

If you want to order another electronic collection set click on the “Add another set” button and repeat the process outlined above.

Click the “next” button to review the details of your order.