Download transaction report

The screen allows you to view the transactions for the file that you have selected.

Summary statistics

The table shows

  • the time at which the last record was processed,
  • the number of records that are in the file and
  • the number of error records that were processed.  These will not appear in the download file.

The transactions will be displayed in a table according to the option you chose on the title report screen.  They will be displayed as

  • Transactions (sorted by Request Date),
  • Transactions (sorted by Download Command) or
  • Transactions (sorted by ANBD Number)

The table shows

  • the date and time that the record was requested.
  • the download command that triggered the request.  The command can be export, holding updated, holding added or holding deleted.
  • the ANBD numbers of the records in the file.
  • the status of the records which is either processed or duplicate.  If multiple transactions are carried out on the holdings of a record, only the most recent change will appear in the file.  If a record is triggered for download by transactions on the holdings and by “export” in Libraries Australia, multiple copies of the record will appear in the file.
  • Any notes.