Database selections keep resetting


Your previously selected database(s) are not selected when you navigate back to a search screen. This should not be the case as the application should remember your last selected database(s)

Solution - Clear all Libraries Australia cookies from your browser

The following describes procedures for clearing Libraries Australia cookies from the most popular web browsers.



  1. Click on the Open menu button (icon with 3 lines in the top right of the Firefox browser)
  2. Click on the Options/Preferences (cog) icon
  3. Click on the Privacy option from the top row of icons
  4. Click on the remove individual cookies link
  5. Search for
  6. Click the Remove All Cookies button


  1. Click on the preferences menu item (icon with 3 lines in the top right of the Chrome browser)
  2. Select the Settings menu item
  3. Click the Show advanced settings... link
  4. Under the Privacy section, click the Content settings... button
  5. Click the All cookies and site data... button
  6. Use the Search cookies box (top right) and search for
  7. Remove all matching cookies by hovering the cookie and clicking the 'x' on the right hand side


  1. From the top menu click Safari > Preferences
  2. Click on the Privacy option from the top row of icons
  3. Under the Cookies and other website data, click the Details... button
  4. Use the search box to search for
  5. Click the Remove All button

Internet Explorer (IE)

  1. From the top menu click Tools > Internet Options
  2. Select the General tab
  3. Under the section Browsing history, click the  Settings button
  4. Click on the View files button
  5. In the newly opened window type librariesaustralia into the Search Temporary Internet Files box at the top right
  6. Click on matching cookie files, right click and select Delete to remove the cookie