Compare records

The Compare records functionality enables users to view between 2 and 4 records in one screen, and report duplicates using a pre-populated form.

Selecting records to compare

This functionality is disabled until at least 2 records have been selected and when more than 4 records have been selected.

To add a record to compare:

  1. Tick the box next to the record you require and repeat to select multiple records. A count of the number of records selected will appear at the top of the screen.
  2. The number of records you have selected is shown at the top of the screen, and you can deselect any record by unticking the box next to the record.  You can deselect all records by clicking on the Deselect all records button, and continue to select new records to compare.
  3. Click on the Select button within a record’s Full View.

Viewing records

The Compare Record screen displays the selected records in Full View.  To look at the records in MARC View, you will need to click on the MARC View link which is situated towards the top of the screen. The MARC View is another way of looking at a record and displays the record with MARC (Machine-Readable Cataloguing Record) field tags.

You can immediately identity differences between the records, as differences are highlighted in blue.  Fields that contain the same information across the records will have a white background.  This assists users in identifying duplicate records.

To remove records from Compare, select the View Records link in the table header and its Full View will be displayed.  Choose the Unselect button.

As long as you are comparing at least 2 records the option to return to the Compare screen will be available using the Compare Records link in the Results navigation bar and the Compare records button within the Full View and Search results screens.